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'Warrior Nun' Season 2 Release Date And More Details

‘Warrior Nun’ Season 2 Release Date And Full Details

As the first season of Warrior Nun, we knew there would be a second season after the crazy cliffhanger it ended with. Fans have been raving about this occult series ever since its release and have been more than thrilled after Warrior Nun season 2 was announced. Even though this series is primarily for teens and young adults, almost anyone can watch it because the plot is gripping and intriguing as the episodes progress. After the success of season 1, people have high expectations for season 2.

Season 2 is meant to answer a series of questions presented after season 1, and we hope this season manages to do precisely that. Netflix officially announced the second season in August 2020, and more than two years later, fans will be able to stream Warrior Nun season 2. Here’s everything we know about this season so far, from the plot to the cast and other details that might interest you:

The Plot of Warrior Nun Season 2

Although we aren’t too sure about the concrete plot of Warrior Nun season 2, it is confirmed that this season will be wilder and crazier than the first. That is saying something considering a lot happened in season 1, to begin with, it. As mentioned before, season 2 is likely the answer to cliffhangers and answered questions from season 1, along with character developments and maybe even introducing a set of new characters to the mix.

The Plot of Warrior Nun Season 2

The trailers and posters can only give us a glimpse into what we can expect from the new season. However, the creators have it thought out for quite some time now. In an interview with Inverse, the creator of the show Simon Barry expresses his ideas and the fact that he would love to create more seasons if Netflix decides to renew it. Since this series is based on a popular comic book, there is certainly room for more seasons. So, we can only hope and wait for Netflix to continue renewing Warrior Nun.

The Cast of Warrior Nun Season 2

As fans followed the characters’ stories through the first season, they also grew attached to the cast. That is why fans are hopeful that most of the cast will reprise their role for Warrior Nun season 2. The fan-favorite Alba Baptista will be reprising her role as Ava. Along with her, Tristán Ulloa, Toya Turner, Thekla Reuten, Lorena Andrea, and Richard Clothier will be returning for season 2.

The Cast of Warrior Nun Season 2

There may be new additions to the cast in the new season, mainly because this season is meant to be wilder. Nevertheless, even if there aren’t many new people, fans are more than happy with the existing ensemble cast who have stolen hearts in just one season.

When and Where Can You Watch Warrior Nun Season 2

After Warrior Nun season 2 was announced, fans couldn’t wait to know more about when the new season would release. It is confirmed that season 2 of Warrior Nun will release on the 10th of November. After you’re done with the horrors of Halloween, you can reminisce some of those days by streaming the latest season of Warrior Nun. As for what time you can watch it, it depends on your time zone, but we can confirm it will be 8 am GMT, 3 am EST and 12 pm PMT. Like the first season, this season will also be available to stream on Netflix.

Is There a Trailer for Warrior Nun Season 2?

YouTube video player

A few months ago, Netflix released the teaser trailer for Warrior Nun season 2. This teaser had a glimpse into the past and what the future has in store for all of us. By the looks of it, this season won’t just be wilder but also darker than the first season. It seems like more is at stake this time around.

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A few days ago, Netflix released the official trailer for the new season, which certainly gives the fans a lot to look forward to. There is a smidge of humor and romance, with plenty of action sequences and fights to look forward to.


The countdown for Warrior Nun Season 2 has officially begun, as there is less than a month before this season’s release. If you haven’t watched season one yet, it is time to binge it! Do let us know in the comments if you have any theories or predictions for the upcoming season.

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