We Have A Ghost Review: Stream It or Skip It?

If you are looking for a light-hearted comedy with some genuine emotions then We Have A Ghost might just be the perfect watch this weekend. When We Have A Ghost was first announced, it seemed like the regular ghostly comedy that we have frequently watched with the common tropes making an appearance every now and then.

However, We Have A Ghost seemed like a mix of several different movies all coming together, or at least the best part of different movies, and somehow, it worked in its favor. There have been many mixed reviews about We Have A Ghost. Some viewers have loved every second of it, while critics haven’t given it the best review. We’re here to give our verdict and help you decide whether you should watch We Have A Ghost or skip it.

We Have A Ghost Review

There are many elements of We Have A Ghost that you might like or dislike, but overall, this movie works on several levels, of course, we do have some critique for it as well. This review will contain some spoilers so make sure you proceed with caution.

The one thing we can guarantee is that whether or not you like horror, you are bound to have a good time with We Have A Ghost. Do let us know in the comments what you think about the movie and our review!

Meet Your Friendly Attic Ghost: Earnest

Here’s the one thing that we thought didn’t work for We Have A Ghost, and we want to start the review with it because we know it is on everyone’s mind. David Harbour plays the role of the in-house ghost, Ernest. We all know and love Harbour’s acting and dialogue delivery, those are two of the best things about him.

While he did play the role of one of the main characters of We Have A Ghost, he had no dialogues. Sure, in the trailer it was established that Ernest wasn’t much of a talker, but we didn’t think the writers would go the entire run time without giving him any dialogue.

But it happened, and it almost felt like a waste of talent. Maybe Harbour is saving all his energy for the final season of Stranger Things or Marvel’s Thunderbolts, but we do believe that Ernest finding his voice, even towards the end of the movie, would have worked in favor of it. Were you expecting him to speak eventually? Because we certainly were!

Nevertheless, David Harbour’s performance as Ernest was noteworthy, even without dialogue, and that’s something we truly appreciate. He communicated with facial expressions and eyes, and also delivered some tear-jerker moments.

Meet Your Friendly Attic Ghost

Apart from Ernest not being able to talk, the other thing that didn’t work for We Have A Ghost was the comedy. When you have stars like Anthony Mackie and Jennifer Coolidge as a part of your roster, you best believe that the movie is going to be funny through and through, but sadly, that wasn’t the case.

We Have A Ghost was presented as a horror comedy, however, there was just not enough horror nor was there enough comedy for the movie to really pull through. We’ll admit, We Have A Ghost did have some great moments of laughter, but they aren’t enough to classify the movie as a comedy, not in our opinion at least.

The bar was set incredibly high when the cast was announced, but the writing definitely fell short. We Have A Ghost focussed more on Ernest’s back story and getting him the closure he deserved, and we found ourselves more emotional than doubling down with laughter, which isn’t what we had expected.

 Anthony Mackie and Jennifer

Now that we have mentioned what didn’t work for us, it’s time we tell you about why we still enjoyed watching We Have A Ghost, and why we think that you should add this movie to your list. We Have A Ghost told the story of a family that moved into an abandoned fixer-upper in the suburbs.

The youngest son of the house, Kevin, seems to be struggling with the move and fitting in with his family. Surely, the whole family is struggling with their own problems, and now they have a ghost on their hands. The father, Frank, takes this opportunity to try and become viral on social media, and surprise surprise, it works! We see the power of social media in We Have A Ghost, and how one video can make you a sensation overnight.

In fact, this movie also featured a cameo from Dr. Phill, again, something that we didn’t expect. TikTok trends, viral challenges, and people talking about ghost rights and whatnot, might have all seemed satirical, but it was a dangerously close reflection of what social media is today. We thought it was really interesting for the creators to inculcate this in We Have A Ghost.

We Have A Ghost

The one thing that truly worked for We Have A Ghost was Kevin. Jahi Di’Allo Winston’s performance as Kevin was a lot more brilliant than what we had initially expected, and his bonding with Ernest and the need to protect a ghost was the main plot of the movie, and it worked wonders.

Everyone loved Ernest for different reasons, most of which included the thrill of seeing a ghost or getting viral on social media. However, the purest and sweetest friendship in We Have A Ghost was between Kevin and Ernest, and it was sweet enough to make us emotional, despite it being a horror comedy.

Ernest was also the reason Kevin and his next-door neighbor Joy got to spend time together, blossoming into a sweet teen love story. Kevin and Ernest were truly good for each other, and Casper the friendly ghost might just have some competition now.


Of course, We Have A Ghost had several other characters and scenes that added to how good the movie was for us. We really thought Jennifer Coolidge would have more screen time in the movie, but the trailer might have been a little misleading in that regard.

Anthony Mackie did a brilliant job as the dad, and it was fun seeing him in something other than the Marvel Cinematic Universe, not that we aren’t excited for Captain America: New World Order. The relationship between the whole family truly blossomed throughout the movie, and as Frank said, they truly could be the Black Kardashians.

If you are looking for an easy watch and for something to unwind with, then you need to stop the endless scrolling on Netflix and go watch We Have A Ghost, because you won’t regret it.

Anthony Mackie


We say stream We Have A Ghost right away, and if you do, please do come back and let us know in the comments what you thought about the movie.

If you have any other suggestions of what we should review next, we are happy to hear them!

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