With Love Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More

With Love Season 2: Release Date, Cast, Plot And More

If you are someone who is in love with love, then With Love is the perfect show for you. That may have sounded like a little tongue twister with all the love in it, but that’s exactly what this show is all about. With Love season 1 released on the 17th of December, 2021, more than a year has gone by and everyone has questions about whether or not there will be another season, and if so, what will happen in that season. While the information we have about a potential With Love Season 2 is fairly limited, we are still going to help you as much as we can.

We have loved the Diaz family and everyone around them just as much as you have, so we are more than excited to talk about any information regarding With Love Season 2 because this show has filled everyone’s heart with love, laughter, and a few tears along the way.

So, keep reading to find out everything you need to know about With Love Season 2, from renewal updates to the speculated plot to the cast, and much more:

Has With Love Been Renewed for Another Season?

We are going to start with the good news because With Love is all about happiness and positivity. So, you’re in for a treat because With Love has officially been renewed for another season, and that means With Love Season 2 is on its way! Fans have been impatiently waiting for this announcement because at the end of the first season, everything seemed to fall into place, and not everyone was sure about whether or not there would be another season.

Has With Love Been Renewed for Another Season?

However, that cliffhanger at the end of season one definitely had our hopes up. We will talk more about the cliffhanger and what it means for the plot of With Love Season 2. So, if you haven’t watched With Love just yet and don’t mind spoilers, then keep reading to find out more!

What is the Speculated Plot of With Love Season 2?

Now before we dive into the possible plot of With Love Season 2, let’s discuss that cliffhanger from the previous season. Everything was merry, and it was Christmas time once again. Lily and Santiago were still together, Henry and Jorge were back in Portland and living their best life, and Charlie spent Christmas with Sol and Miles, and all the Diaz family, so clearly they were doing great too.

Now, the cliffhanger was a wedding ring. Nobody knows whom it belongs to, but clearly, With Love Season 2 is going to have someone engaged in the first episode, or at least that’s what we’re hoping for. We’re putting our money on Sol and Miles, but feel free to let us know in the comments who you think will end up engaged in With Love Season 2.

The Plot of With Love Season 2

Other than the engagement or even a potential wedding, it will be interesting to see if the creators follow the same pattern as the previous seasons, where each episode was based on a holiday or celebration. While With Love Season 2 is bound to have some brilliant times, we know that there will be sadder times as well, and as with any other show, the stakes will be higher.

Something tells us that Santiago and Lily not being on the same page about marriage will pop up again, and maybe Henry will regret leaving his big fancy job in LA. We don’t know what’s in store for all our favorites in With Love Season 2, but we do hope Lily and Jorge continue being in Portland together because just as much as they need each other, the viewers do too!

The Cast Of With Love Season 2

With Love Season 2 will see the return of several cast members from the previous seasons, and everyone is thrilled about this decision because the way this cast embodied their roles were truly something else. Our favorite sibling duo of Lily and Jorge will be back and played by Emeraude Toubia and Mark Indelicato. Rome Flynn will be returning as Santiago, and we hope there are more Lily and Santiago moments in With Love Season 2.

Isis King and Todd Grinnell will be reprising their roles as our favorite (potentially engaged) couple, Sol and Miles. Fan favorites Vincent Rodriguez III and Desmond Chiam will be back as Henry and Nick. And of course, we cannot forget the parents Beatriz and Jorge, who will be played by Constance Marie and Benito Martinez.

The Cast Of With Love Season 2

We can also expect to see Andre Royo, Renée Victor, Pepe Serna, and Gloria Calderón Kellett return for With Love Season 2. 

It will be interesting to see if there will be any new cast members joining in for With Love Season 2, and what role they will play in the lives of the existing characters.

When and Where Can You Watch With Love Season 2?

There is no set release date for With Love Season 2 but we are just as impatient as you, so as soon as we hear about it, we will make that this article is updated. Hopefully, With Love Season 2 will release sometime towards the end of 2023, if not sooner, but it is happening this year.

With Love Season 2 will be exclusively available to stream on Prime Video, and while there have been rumors that this season will have the same number of episodes as the previous season, which was only five, we certainly hope there are more. All episodes were released on the same date, and we’re hoping the same happens with the upcoming season too because With Love Season 2 will be the perfect binge of 2023!

Is There a Trailer for With Love Season 2?

As of now, there is no official trailer for With Love Season 2, but we’re really hoping there will be one in the next couple of months. If this trailer is anything like the season 1 trailer, then we are definitely in for some laughs and see what Lily and her family members are going to get up to in With Love Season 2.

Although, if you are hoping to see which couple gets engaged, then for that you will have to wait until the show releases!

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With Love Season 2 is on its way, and we know just how excited everyone is. If you haven’t watched the first season yet, we highly recommend it before the release of With Love Season 2.

Do let us know in the comments who your favorite With Love character is, we might be a little biased but we do love Sol!

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