Yamishibai Season 11 Release Date Announced: Get Ready for Another Spooky Ride!

Yamishibai Season 11 Release Date Announced: Get Ready for Another Spooky Ride!

Yamishibai popularly known as Theatre of Darkness is not your usual anime that you can binge and forget later on. Yamishibai Season 11 has been announced and this particular series has produced more than 10 sequels.

Yamishibai has been going strong since its premiere. Now they will be back in summer with a new set of tales and episodes which will leave you in awe.

Yamishibai Season 11 Release Date

Theatre of Darkness or Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories is an original anime series directed by Tomoya Takashima. It was produced by ILCA and the episodes were made in such a way that they would follow the originality of Kamishibai’s method of storytelling. 

Unlike other anime episodes which usually last for 30 minutes, these episodes only last for a few minutes as it’s a series of collection of short stories featuring mostly the urban legends, myths, and folktales of Japan. 

Yamishibai Season 11 Release Date

The first season was aired in 2013 and there have been 10 seasons released as of now. The 11th season of Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories is set to premiere this summer 2023. If you want to know more about Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories and its plot then keep reading.

Yamishibai Plot & Expectations

The story of season 1 follows Kamishibaiya ir Kamishibai narrator, an old man wearing a yellow mask who always shows up at a children’s playground at 5 pm and tells ghost and mythical stories of Japan. 

The man not only reveals dark secrets, and black magic but; also the creepy urban legends that would give you chills to the spine. He not only narrates, the story but; also shows them to the children using a traditional Kamishibai (paper drama) method. 

But in 3rd season, we see a boy in the form of Kamishibai instead of the old man who sings “Friends on that side, come to this side… Friends on this side, go to that side…” while drawing illustrations of his stories. 

Yamishibai Plot & Expectations

In Season 4, the original Kamishibaiya is back and follows the same format as Seasons 1 and 2. In Season 5, children instead of playing or swinging in the swings are seen calling the old man in silhouette, the format changes in Season 5 again.

In Season 6 we see that; the old man tells them his stories in a forest instead of a school. This time the old man is a shadow who has taken a form of a human and in Season 7 he tells his stories in a creepy apartment. 

The scenes and format keep changing from season to season, and it is been said that the finale was based on Hyakumonogatari Kaidankai.

Yamishibai Season 11 Cast & Staff

The cast and staff list has not been completely revealed yet, but we are expecting some of the previous cast members to return, till then you can check out the confirmed cast and staff list that has been provided to you.


  • Director: Akira Funada
  • Script: Choji Yoshikawa, Hiromu Kumamoto, Mitsuhi Sasagi, Norio Yamakawa
  • Producer: Akira Funada, Norio Yamakawa, Takuya Iwasaki
  • Animation: Hiroshi Nishiyama, Jimmy, Momoka Higurashi, Rie Nishiyama, Shōma Mutō, Yū Ebihara


  • Kanji Tsuda as Storyteller

Is there any Yamishibai Season 11 Trailer Released Yet?

There are no trailers revealed yet, but we have high expectations from Yamishibai Season 11 as it is a very enthralling and dark series that has captivated the audience for so long. The folktales are creepy yet realistic and that’s why the series has survived for so many years.

Is there any Yamishibai Trailer Released Yet?

Where to Watch Yamishibai Season 11?

Yamishibai will be broadcasted on a Japanese local TV channel like TV Tokyo, although the broadcast and delivery information for other channels and sites are yet to be revealed we expect Crunchyroll to stream the anime. Once it’s confirmed; we will update it here.


We are having high expectations from Yamishibai: Japanese Ghost Stories, let’s hope it does not disappoint us. Will Yamishibai’s upcoming stories be scarier than the previous season or not? It will soon be found out this summer, and if you want to know more about it then; feel free to ask questions in the comment section below.

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