Yomawari Neko: Release Date, Plot, and More

Yomawari Neko: Release Date, Plot, and More

For many years, Twitter has become a sensational platform for not only sharing the news but also for showcasing works by sharing them. Kaoru Fukuya, who started sharing such pieces over Twitter, finally received an anime adaptation for his Japanese manga series Yomawari Neko (The Night Watch Cat).

Yomawari Neko was first licensed by Enterbrain, who published the Tankobon volume one in June 2016. Kodansha, one of the best studios impressed by the manga, re-released the volume and continued its publications.

As of November 2022, nine volumes have been collected so far. Plus good news for the Yomawari Neko fans is that Shogakukan Music and Digital Entertainment will produce its anime adaptation set to premiere in March 2023

Yomawari Neko successfully sold over 6 million copies in November 2022; it was nominated in the manga category at the 2017 Sugoi Japan Awards. Yomawari Neko landed 25th rank in Da Vince magazine’s 2016 “Book of the Year” list.

Yomawari Neko Release Date

Did I mention that the manga has also won the Short Story Award at the 21st Tezuka Osamu Cultural Prize? One thing we can be sure of; is that if Kodansha continued its publication, then the manga certainly had some potential which led to its continuation. Yomawari Neko will be released in a set of 5 episodes on March 14, March 20, and March 27.

Yomawari Neko

The news of Yomawari Neko anime was revealed on Twitter that the series would have 15 episodes, and five episodes will be aired on March 14, 20, and March 27, 2023, on NHK General TV in Japan. The theme song is the cover version of Imawano’d “Jump.”

Cast & Crew Members of Yomawari Neko

The anime tv series adaptation of Yomawari Neko news was announced on November 2022, and the producer is Shogakukan Music & Digital Entertainment. The anime director is Kazuma Taketani, and the scriptwriter is Hiroko Kanasugi. The music composer is Kenichi Maeyamada. 

The cast and crew members of the making of Yomawari Neko are:

  • Jūrō as Atsumi Tanezaki
  • Heizō Endō as Takayuki Yamada
  • Director: Kazuma Taketani
  • Script: Hiroko Kanasugi
  • Music: Kenichi Maeyamada
  • Original creator: Kaoru Fukaya
  • Theme Song Arrangement: Kenichi Maeyamada
  • Theme Song Composition: Kiyoshirou Imawano, Shinji Miyake
  • Theme Song Lyrics: Kiyoshirou Imawano, Shinji Miyake

Yomawari Neko Plot & Expectations

Only a little is known about the manga series, and we are anticipating a short teaser but looking at the release dates by now, the studio should have shared a short teaser. If they have not shared it yet, the series may get delayed, or they may release it one week before its release.

Now coming to the plot; of the anime, we think that the anime will follow the manga. The manga is a story centered on a cat who gets drawn to tear’s scent and appears before the people who cry. 

Yomawari Neko Plot

The cat comforts and encourages them whenever it comes across any miserable being. Apart from this information, only a little is available on the internet or other platforms, but do not worry; if they release any news, we will surely share it with you.

Is there any Yomawari Neko Trailer released yet?

There is no trailer or visual teaser for Yomawari Neko yet, except for the announcement. We want to know more about the series and how it will turn out; at least a 15-second teaser would suffice. If the trailer is not released by next week or so, then it’s least likely that the studio will drop a teaser.

Where to Watch Yomawari Neko?

Yomawari Neko is now said to be released on the NHK General TV channel in Japan and other Asian countries. If it grabs the attention of viewers, then we can expect it to be released on Crunchyroll as well.


From the looks of its sales and source materials, the anime will not disappoint us, and it looks like Yomawari Neko will target audiences between the ages of 12 and 17. But as anime has to know the age limit, it can also be watched by older people. Light-hearted anime is always best to watch if you want to free your mind and escape from reality.

Do let me know whether Yomawari Neko will be on your watchlist through the comments section below.

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