You Season 5: Expected Release Date, Plot, Cast, And More

Fans of the popular thriller series will already be pondering what will happen next, even though season 4 of the show has just recently come to a dramatic conclusion on Netflix. As of yet, You season 5 hasn’t been formally revealed by the streaming service.

It seems like a fairly strong possibility, though, given where Joe is at the end of the season. So, here we’ll do our best to look into everything we know about You season 5 in-depth.

Here is our best guess as to when the cast members will likely be back. Of course, Joe and his loved ones experienced some pretty significant revelations after the end of You season 4.

Therefore, if you’re up to date, then you’re in the right spot to learn about all the key details from the series finale and what this might imply for a possible You season 5.

What Will Be The Plot For You Season 5?

The plot of a possible “You” season 5 is likely the biggest unknown. The fourth season’s narrative was reasonably self-contained and came to a satisfying end. Furthermore, we are also aware of how each character turned out.

The implication is that Joe Goldberg has now confronted and completely embraced the darkest aspects of himself. Additionally, he is now able to maintain his privilege and continue to shield himself from consequences by taking advantage of Kate’s power and wealth.

By the conclusion of season four, the Joe Goldberg we see feels untouchable. He can clean up any messes he makes because he has a whole PR team at his command. Additionally, he has a companion who accepts him completely and is prepared to look past his worst tendencies.

Though Kate seems determined to at least attempt to be a good person, unlike Joe’s ex-wife Love Quinn. If “You” were to return for season five, we’d anticipate seeing a more menacing Joe who has given up trying to rationalize his evil deeds through speech.

What Will Be The Plot For You Season 5?

We’ll have to wait and see how that fits into his new, successful existence with Kate. We also can’t get away from the reality that, according to Joe’s own admission, everyone he loves will unavoidably pass away.

As a result, Kate’s future doesn’t look precisely promising. Sera Gamble, the head of the show, also revealed that there would be a repercussion for Joe. Furthermore, it appears that by framing Nadia, he has been able to escape every result of his time in London.

Only a handful of people are aware of the truth about him, though. One of them is Marienne, who was spotted reading a news article about Joe and Kate in her Paris apartment in the finale. Even though she was able to get away from him, she may soon go looking for him to make him pay for his offenses.

We could be going anywhere because the show likes to switch things up in new places every season. However, it appears from the conclusion that Joe will return to New York City, where he first began.

The Expected Cast Of You Season 5

Season 4 of “You” saw several cast changes, as is customary for a season of the show. After Joe gradually killed off several people, however, only a few prominent stars remained by the season’s end. Furthermore, it appears almost certain that some of them will return for additional episodes as well.

The Expected Cast Of You Season 5

First off, Penn Badgley will return as Joe Goldberg, the main character. He is the only character who has so far featured in each episode. Over the years, Murderous Joe has gone by many different names, including Will Bettelheim and Jonathan Moore.

However, after returning to New York City in the You season 4 finale, he accepted Joe once more. In addition, Penn is well-known for his parts in Gossip Girl, Here Today, and The Birthday Cake.

Charlotte Ritchie, who plays Joe Galvin’s girlfriend Kate Galvin, is right by his side. By the end of season four, Joe and Kate had moved to New York City, where Kate had taken a job.

She is also well known for her parts in Call the Midwife, Repeat, Ghosts, and Feel Good. Tati Gabrielle is also rumored to be making a comeback after her character Marienne managed to elude Joe with the help of Nadia Farran to survive.

The Nadia actress Amy-Leigh Hickman might also make a comeback, even though her character is currently imprisoned. Additionally, even though Jenna Ortega‘s character didn’t appear in season 4, she has also expressed her desire to reprise her role as Ellie.

This is still very much up in the air, though, because she’ll be preoccupied shooting Wednesday season 2 and a new movie with Barry Keoghan.

Will There Be You Season 5?

It seems as though Netflix cancellations are happening more frequently. We would be extremely surprised if You, one of its most well-liked original shows, were to terminate suddenly.

Sera Gamble, the show’s creator, has asserted that the show is still alive. She added that they are excited about a concept they have for season 5. However, Gamble pointed out that they wouldn’t continue if the narrative felt complete.

Expected Release Date Of You Season 5

There is no release date set yet for You season 5. We don’t know much about when the season might come to screens because it hasn’t yet been approved. On Netflix, however, we can look back at the gaps between earlier seasons to get a pretty good idea of when it might return.

There was a two-year break between seasons 2 and 3, and a one-and-a-half-year break between seasons 3 and 4. This leads us to believe that You season 5 might release between the end of 2024 and the beginning of 2025. We’ll update you as soon as additional information is verified on this.


We heartily endorse this series because it is so incredible. Due to how the story has been written, Joe’s backstory is told from beginning to end. The entire ensemble has been fantastic throughout all the seasons and will continue to be fantastic.

Even after four seasons, the writers never lost sight of the overall plot of the series. You’ll be glued to the screens for sure. If there is any new You season 5 information, we’ll keep you informed.

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