Your Christmas or Mine Release Date

Family and Christmas go hand in hand, don’t they? But what happens when you aren’t with your own family for Christmas? That’s the premise of Your Christmas or Mine? with an interesting twist in the mix which will make this all sorts of fun and interesting. Your Christmas or Mine? Is an upcoming romantic comedy which is directed by Jim O’Hanlon, who has previously been nominated for the  British Academy Television Award for Best Scripted Comedy. 

Your Christmas or Mine? will be yet another addition to the Christmas movies line-up this holiday season. Amazon Prime, Apple TV+, Disney, and Netflix are all putting their best foot forward to make this holiday season special for everyone especially since the last few were spent in COVID, which also meant fewer holiday movies. However, it won’t be the case this time around, and is Your Christmas or Mine? will soon become your favorite. So here’s everything you need to know about this movie ahead of its release:

What is The Plot of Your Christmas or Mine?

Your Christmas or Mine? follows a lovely young couple, James and Hayley, who are on the train, very close to Christmas, saying their goodbyes. Three weeks is a long for young love to be away from each other, so although they say their goodbyes and head for their respective trains, they have a change of heart. James makes his way to Hayley’s train, and Hayley makes her way to James’ train, hoping to surprise each. Well, they and their families are both surprised by this decision. All they have to do is meet each other and one common place, right? Or just go back and stick to their original plan? Well, it’s easier said than done! 

The Plot of Your Christmas or Mine

The weather conditions are bad around Christmas and all trains have been stopped until further notice. Now, James must spend Christmas with Hayley’s larger-than-life and loud family, while Hayley had to spend Christmas with James’ not-so-fun family, we aren’t even sure if they like Christmas. Will this couple survive Christmas and come out of it stronger? Or will new revelations impact their relationship?

The Cast of Your Christmas or Mine?

A wholesome movie requires a wholesome cast and that’s exactly what Your Christmas or Mine? has done. Although the characters of James and Hayley don’t have a lot of scenes together, it is still important that they have that chemistry. The role of James will be played by none other than Asa Butterfield. If that name sounds familiar it’s because he plays Otis on the famous Netflix series, Sex Education. Asa is keen on expanding his skills and career, and this movie is a step in the right direction. The role of Hayley will be played by Cora Kirk, who recently starred in a horror movie called Prey for the Devil.

The Cast of Your Christmas or Mine

Other than these two upcoming cast members, the rest of the cast includes several talented actors and actresses like Daniel Mays, Angela Griffin, Harriet Walter, David Bradley, Alex Jennings, and many more. Since Hayley has a bigger family, there will be several supporting cast members who will be important to the story and spark of Your Christmas or Mine? 

When and Where Can You Watch Your Christmas or Mine?

Since Your Christmas or Mine? is the perfect holiday movie that takes place during Christmas, so it only makes sense to release the movie close to Christmas. Your Christmas or Mine will be available to watch on the 2nd of December and will exclusively stream on Amazon Prime. So make sure you grab your loved ones and stream the movie as soon as it releases to get yourself into the Christmas spirit!

Is There a Trailer for Your Christmas or Mine?

The official trailer shows us Hayley, and James and a glimpse of their love story. Two young lovers who decide that they don’t want to spend Christmas without each other, but everything goes wrong, despite their intentions being right. We see Hayley’s family who is large, loud, extra, and fun and then in complete contrast, there is James’ family.

The trailer looks like a lot of fun already with the perfect balance of romance and comedy. While the trailers boasts some funny moments, there is also an evident turmoil brewing between Hayley and James, and every movie needs a little conflict, but will this couple be able to revolve this conflict? It is only a matter of time before we find out.


No one can ever get enough of Christmas movies and creators will never stop making them either. It’ll be interesting to see how Your Christmas or Mine compares to other holiday releases in 2022, but we surely have high hopes for this movie and its unique concept. If you’re up for another Christmas movie, do check out Falling for Christmas!

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