Your Place or Mine Review: Stream It or Skip It?

We all love those classic romantic comedies where boy meets girl, they fall in love, they have a fight and then have a happy ever after. Well, times are changing, and so are the different types of romantic comedies, and one such example is the brand new Netflix release, Your Place or Mine.

Your Place or Mine Review

We spoke about Your Place or Mine when it was first announced and the trailer was released, and given the stellar cast and intriguing plot, we already had some high hopes set for this romantic comedy, and let’s just say, it did not disappoint.

If you’re looking for a cute Valentine’s Day watch that will make you smile or just brighten your day a little, then Your Place or Mine is the perfect romantic comedy for you, and we’re here to tell you just why. Spoilers aren’t a huge part of romantic comedies because almost all of them have happy endings.

Nevertheless, this review won’t be spoiler free, so proceed with caution, because we’re going to talk a whole lot about Peter and Debbie who are here to steal your hearts.

Your Place or Mine: Witherspoon and Kutcher Steal Everyone’s Hearts

Your Place or Mine

When we first heard that Reese Witherspoon and Ashton Kutcher were about to star in a romantic comedy opposite each, we couldn’t contain our excitement. Both these talented celebrities have a penchant for romantic comedies, and that shines through in their performances, and that’s exactly what’s happened in Your Place or Mine.

Before we dive into what worked and what didn’t work for the movie, let’s give you a little idea of what Your Place or Mine was about, and no, it wasn’t a couple deciding whose house to move into, it’s a lot better.

Your Place or Mine revolves around the story of two best friends, Peter and Debbie, who have known each other for two decades now. Their story begins in 2003 when they had a random hookup, after which Peter needed space, and Debbie moved on to someone else.

Unlike others, Peter and Debbie continued being friends, and now, twenty years later, both of them can’t go a day without talking to each other about their day, the good, and the bad.

Peter lives in New York, and Debbie all the way in LA, so while they can’t physically meet often, they’re still a huge part of each other’s lives. They are both thrilled when Debbie has to come to New York to finish a week-long course but plans change when Debbie’s son’s babysitter backs out last minute.

But what are friends for? Peter decides to step in and fly down to LA to take care of Jack, so Debbie can finish her course in New York. It takes some convincing but Debbie agrees, and hence, they swap lives for a week, and that’s when things get complicated. We will let you watch the movie to see just how complicated things get, but we can promise a happy ending when it comes to Your Place or Mine.

Peter and Debbie

While there were several great things about Your Place or Mine, Ashton Kutcher as Peter and Reese Witherspoon as Debbie stole our hearts, despite not having many scenes together physically. In fact, the two only meet once in the present day, and that’s towards the end of the movie.

The other time we see them together is at the start of the movie, back in 2003. This makes Your Place or Mine incredibly unique because even though both of them are not in the same place and are essentially doing their own things, they manage to make their way to each other, and that’s through the little things that escalate throughout the movie.

You will find yourself rooting for them from start to finish. Kutcher and Witherspoon have done a great job playing the parts of the rich Manhattan guy, and the overprotective mom in denim jeans. If nothing, watch Your Place or Mine for these two talented celebrities!

Debbie stole

The Perfect Valentine’s Watch: Your Place or Mine

The Perfect Valentine’s Watch

Your Place or Mine had too many things going on for it, but here are some of our favorites. For starters, all the supporting characters were brilliant. With Kutcher and Witherspoon as the lead cast members, you would think that the supporting cast would be overlooked but that never happened. We especially loved Zen, played by none other than Steve Zahn.

Zahn is undoubtedly one of the funniest guys in Hollywood, and he was one of the funniest guys in Your Place or Mine as well. He was the random neighbor who was hoping to eventually start something with Debbie by taking good care of her lawn. Well, tough luck for Zen, because Debbie has been a little busy, and we don’t mean with Peter, not right away at least.

When Debbie is in LA, she runs into one of her favorite writers, Theo, played by the charming Jesse Williams. Theo and Debbie have great chemistry, and he seems like a guy who would take the lead, and take initiative when it comes to love, but sadly Debbie’s heart and mind were elsewhere. If you had to pick between Kutcher and Willaims, whom would you pick?


There were several other supporting cast members who made Your Place or Mine a unique experience including Wesley Kimmel, who played the role of Debbie’s son, Jack. Jack and Peter had the sweetest relationship, and if Your Place or Mine ever has a sequel, that’s something we definitely want to see more of.

We obviously can’t forget Tig Notaro and Zoe Chao, who also swapped friends in this movie, shining through in their own unique ways.

Tig Notaro and Zoe Chao

Aside from the supporting characters, Your Place or Mine had some brilliant humor too, and this romantic comedy didn’t just focus on the romance part, which we enjoyed. While Your Place or Mine was a unique experience compared to most romantic comedies that we are used to, it had some of the cliché tropes that made the audience connect with and reminisce.

For example, there was the classic airport scene with confessions and a kiss. We could go on and on about everything brilliant about Your Place or Mine, but we will let you watch the movie for yourself and decide what you liked the most about it.

Your Place or Mine


Your Place or Mine is either already on your list, or maybe after reading this review, you have gone ahead and added it to your list of movies to watch, either way, you will not regret this decision.

Once you watch Your Place or Mine, do let us know in the comments what you thought about it!

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