Zootopia+ Season 2: Release Date And What We Know So Far

More of than not, spin-off series have become a norm lately, and are widely accepted by viewers. How often it is that you watch a movie, and then wish there was a series with the same concept and characters? One such successful endeavor was taken upon by the popular and fun-loving movie, Zootopia! Zootopia revolved around the concept of anthropomorphic animals and although this wasn’t entirely new, fans loved it.

Hence, when a spin-off series dedicated to Zootopia was announced, called Zootopia+, everyone raved about it. The first season of Zootopia+ was released earlier this month in November 2022, and fans want more. They need to know what happens next and so the question has been buzzing around with murmurs about a possible Zootopia+ season 2! So, will there be a Zootopia+ Season 2? And if so, what do we know about it so far? 

Has Zootopia+ Been Renewed for Season 2?

As of today, there has been no official news about the renewal of Zootopia+ Season 2 but that doesn’t mean it can’t potentially happen. The timeline of Zootopia+ was a little rushed, which left the fans confused and questioning Disney’s interest in the show, to begin with. The official trailer for the first season was released two days before the release of the show, which is very rare, in fact, trailers are rarely released this close to the premiere of a show or movie. Fans were impatient but the trailer was worth the wait in the end! 

The reason we mention the trailer delay is that this could also mean that any announcements about a future season might be delayed too. So while there is no official news on Zootopia+ Season 2, we cannot completely rule it out. 

What Is The Potential Plot of Zootopia+ Season 2?

Since Zootopia+ Season 2 has not been confirmed yet, we don’t have the official plot or synopsis just yet. However, Zootopia+ Season 2 mayZootopia+ Season 2 will pick up from the end of season 1. The first season consisted of a total of six episodes, and the episodes take place during the events of the movie, Zootopia. The entire point of the series is to shed light on the lives of some of the characters and dive deeper into their mannerisms and relationships. We expect Zootopia+ Season 2 to follow the same pattern, and maybe explore some new characters in the process as well! 

The Potential Plot of Zootopia+ Season 2

It is entirely possible that Zootopia+ Season 2 might release after Zootopia 2, the movie. If that happens, the events of Zootopia+ will possibly take place adjacent to the events of Zootopia 2. Hopefully, we will learn more about it in the following months! 

The Cast of Zootopia+ Season 2

Fans of the Zootopia franchise were thrilled to find out that the spin-off will feature some of their favorite characters in greater detail. While there is no official cast of Zootopia+ Season 2, we can expect the cast from season 1 to reprise their roles for the potential upcoming season! It is also possible that new characters who didn’t feature in season 1, might appear in Zootopia+ Season 2! 

The Cast of Zootopia+ Season 2

We can expect Bonnie Hopps and Stu Hopps voiced by Bonnie Hunt and Don Lake respectively to appear in Zootopia+ Season 2. Fru Fru voiced by Leah Latham has been a fan favorite for the longest time, and will most likely appear in the upcoming season. Other than these three characters we can also expect to see Christine, Charisma, Tru Tru, Molly Hopps, Rhino Boss, Mr. Big, and several other characters in Zootopia+ Season 2. 

When and Where Can You Watch Zootopia+ Season 2? 

Zootopia+ was Walt Disney Animation Studios’ second animated series on Disney+, after Baymax! Since the first season was released on Disney+, it is imperative that Zootopia+ Season 2 will also release on Disney+, unless things change down the line, which isn’t likely to happen. However, we’ll keep you updated! There is no official date for Zootopia+ Season 2 yet, but Zootopia 2 might release somewhere around 2024, so the spin-off series might release close to that too, but this is complete speculation.

Is There An Official Trailer for Zootopia+ Season 2?

As of now, there is no official trailer for Zootopia+ Season 2 but hopefully, once the season is announced, we might catch a glimpse. However, given the history of the first season and its trailer, and if Disney decides to follow the same pattern, we might not see the trailer for a while!


If you love animals who can talk and have some shockingly interesting life, then Zootopia+ is for you! Although there isn’t a lot of information about any upcoming seasons, we hope we will hear about them soon. Make sure you keep checking our website for more details and updates!

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