‘Reacher’ Star Alan Ritchson ASPIRES to be the next ‘Batman’ in DC Universe

Folks!! do you wanna see Alan Ritchson as DCU’s Batman?

DC Studios has a lot in their books. From opening a fresh chapter in ‘Superman’ and ‘Supergirl’ stories, as fans, we are also looking forward to a fresh start to Batman’s story. In a recent interaction on a podcast show, Alan Ritchson expressed his core desire to be the Dark Knight’s enemy aka Bruce Wayne.

‘Reacher’ fame Alan Alan Ritchson says he’d love to Play DC’s ‘Batman’

The ‘Reacher’ actor recently interacted with BroBible’s Post Credit Podcast, where the actor talked about his upcoming movie ‘Ordinary Angels’. The actor was asked about his interest in playing ‘Batman’, which could be the next big project for DC after ‘Superman Legacy’. The actor replied that he would love to. He said-

…People are interested in me playing Batman is a real honor and privilege…it’s one of the first characters I fell in love with as a child… any conversation or rumor mill surrounding this role, for me… all I can do is laugh. I just think it’s wild…

After talking about his desire, Ritchson also expressed a small doubt about his appropriation to play ‘Batman’. He said that he was too old to play the role. He even mentioned that the age of Batman should be that much so that he can have a sidekick like Robin, who is in his pre-teens.

'Reacher' fame Alan Alan Ritchson says he'd love to Play DC's 'Batman'
PIC credits: DC Comics

He even says that if the franchise casts him for the role, it would be the coolest thing that ever happened in his career span.

If DC approaches Ritchson for the role of Batman, then fans will be on cloud nine to see the actor in action, yet again.

PIC credits: Alan Ritchson in Reacher, Prime Video

Talking about his upcoming movie ‘Ordinary Angels’, the movie talks about a father who goes to extreme ends just to make his daughter live a healthy life. He meets a girl who helps him have a great time with his daughters after his wife passes away. She gathers an entire community to help the father give his daughter a new life.

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