Atlas on Netflix: Is It Confirmed? Everything We Know

Science Fiction lovers, this is a great opportunity for you all to explore the realms of space and time. The upcoming 2024 release, ‘Atlas’ is about to take you to a different era of time where AI and humans need to trust each other. Starring Jennifer Lopez in a thrilling role, the movie promises a great initiation of AI’s existence with humanity.

Let’s dive in to know more.

Atlas on Netflix
PIC credits: Netflix

Atlas on Netflix: Is The Release Date Confirmed?

The sci-fi is about to be released this year. The release date of the movie is yet to be confirmed but chances are that the movie released by the fall of 2024. Stay tuned to get the release updates. The movie is having an OTT release on Netflix.

Atlas on Netflix: What is the plot of the Sci-Fiction Thriller?

According to the TUDUM by Netflix, the plot of Atlas has been revealed. The movie talks about an excellent data analyst who dislikes lazy co-workers and has no faith in AI and its good repercussions for humanity.

Atlas Shephered is sent off on a mission to deactivate a robot gone turbo. She shares a past with the robot but now has to come up with a plan to stop it. As things go off hands faster than imagined, she now has to save humanity, by putting her trust in AI.

Will she be able to save humanity before it’s too late? Do not forget to see the movie and know what happens in the end.

Atlas on Netflix: What is the plot of the Sci-Fiction Thriller?
PIC credits: Netflix

Directed by Brad Peyton, also the director of ‘Rampage’ and ‘Mysterious Island 2’ talked about his delight to work again with Jennifer Lopez. He said-

Having the chance to direct Jennifer in the title role… is a dream come true, depth and authenticity we’ve all come to admire from her work…(digital spy)

Atlas on Netflix: Cast and Characters

With Jennifer Lopez as Altas Shepherd, we also see Simu Liu, Sterling K. Brown, Mark Strong, Abraham Popoola, and Lana Parrilla. The character details will be out soon It is also rumored that Shephard had a traumatic past when the same robot killed her family. So, the fight in the movie is both revenge and redemption.


With some much happening in a feature, fans are super hyped up about Jennifer’s movie. After a long time, the ‘Marry Me’ actress has seen some action and adventure. So folks mark your calendars for a thrilling 2024.

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