Did Henry Cavill join hands with Marvel? Dr. Doom is Coming In ‘Fantastic Four’

Is a Superhero becoming a Supervillain?

Marvel Fans and Folks!! Have you ever imagined your super-favorite character from a different space entering as the most notorious villain in the MCU? Well, the fantasy is now reality. DC’s OG Superman-Henry Cavill has once again kept our ears up for joining hands with Marvel.

In the recent turn of events, fans have caught their gaze on a rumor that Henry Cavill is about to play the supervillain in the upcoming reboot of Fantastic 4.

Has Henry Cavill been given the green light to become Marvel’s villain?

In light of this event, ‘Fantastic Four‘ has created a huge hype with its reboot news. Since the characters and cast have finally become crystal clear, a rumor of Cavill’s venture into becoming the Marvel villain; has craved fans to see the actor in a negative role.

A few hours back, Henry Cavill’s appearance as Dr.Victor Doom aka Dr.Doom has given fans excitement but in reality, this is yet to be confirmed. The character of Doom from comics has great potential and is quite crucial to enact. So the makers have not given any confirmation on Cavill’s role in the movie.

Has Henry Cavill been given the green light to become Marvel's villain?
PIC credits: Marvel

Even Cavill himself has not commented on this. Hypothetically if the rumor turns out to be true, then fans would be dying to see the former DC superhero as a villain. It will be a treat to the eyes.

Apart from this, the cast of ‘Fantastic Four’ has been finally out. Pedro Pascal, Vanessa Kirby, Joseph Quinn, and Ebon Moss-Bachrach are playing the superheroes. The reboot will bring a fresh wave of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Exciting News: The Cast for the Fantastic Four Reboot Has Been Revealed!
Image Credits: Marvel

Talking about the movie, Four brilliant scientists undertake a space experiment, but a powerful solar storm alters their DNA, granting them superhuman abilities. After waking up in a hospital, they embark on a journey to understand and control their newfound powers, transforming from scientists to extraordinary superheroes.

Their journey will seek a new understanding of power, and who knows, their self determines who wishes to be – a protector or a procrastinator.

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