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Is the Terminal List Prequel Confirmed? Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need To Know

Is The Terminal List Prequel Confirmed? Cast, Plot, and Everything You Need To Know

The action thriller ‘The Terminal List’ grabbed fans’ attention when James Reece aka Chris Pratt was seen in action. The SEAL team is threatened by an outer force and puts Reece’s personal and professional life in danger, the US soldier retaliates. The series was given huge love by the fans and critics.

Before the announcement of season 2 of the series, a buzz regarding the show caught fan’s eyes. A prequel to ‘The Terminal List’ has been announced. What is this prequel all about? Let’s take a look.

The Terminal List
PIC credits: Prime Video

Is The Terminal List Prequel Confirmed?

The prequel to the action-thriller has been announced. ‘The Terminal List: Dark Wolf’ is going to showcase the life of the villain, Edward. It will show how the exciting villain of the series, turned dark. Even season 2 of the Prime Video series has been renewed.

What happened in The Terminal List series?

James Reece, a SEAL soldier in the US Navy is trapped in a spiral of incidents when a mission puts his life and family into danger. He hunts the person down and tries to find who is the culprit behind it.

What to Expect in The Terminal List: Dark Wolf?

The prequel to the series will focus on Edward who is also the main villain in the season 1 series. It will depict that Edward was also a SEAL soldier and how he turned against the Navy and the US. As season 1 comes to an end, Reece comes to know that Edward is behind all the chaos.

What to Expect in The Terminal List: Dark Wolf?
PIC credits: Prime Video

Cast of The Terminal List: Dark Wolf

Not much is known about the cast but Chris Pratt might return as James Reece and since the prequel is based on Edward then Taylor Kitsch might be cast in the role.


Get ready, fans, as the prequel is set to captivate your imagination. Not every villain is inherently evil; circumstances can shape a devil. Stay tuned for more revelations!

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