Rom-Com Alert! Dakota Johnson, Pedro Pascal, and Chris Evans in Talks for ‘Materialists’

With so much happening in Hollywood, a romantic comedy announced today, must have brightened up the day for romance-loving fans.

The upcoming movie titled ‘Materialists’ is set to have a triangle love story of three different people who will find themselves entangled in confusion. This confusion will end up in a love story.

So who are the rumored celebs cast in this twisted love triangle? Let’s find out.

Pedo Pascal, Chris Evans and Dakota Johnson in talks for ‘Materialists’

As in buzz, Sony has purchased the rights to Celine Song’s upcoming movie ‘Materialists’ which is rumored to have a great star cast. Currently, Dakota Johnson, Chris Evans, and Pedro Pascal are in talks to become the lead in the movie.

Pedo Pascal, Chris Evans and Dakota Johnson in talks for 'Materialists'
PIC credits: Celine Song

As per the rumors, the plot of the movie is about a profit-earning matchmaker who gets tangled in a toxic love triangle that not only threatens her reputation but also her business. It is also rumored that the movie shoot will begin this October 2024. Nothing has been certain to date.

Talking about Celine Song, her previous direction was ‘Past Lives’ which is nominated in the Oscars 2024 under major categories. The movie will be produced under A24 Pictures.

Celine Song
PIC credits: Materialists; Film Updates

Talking about the movie ‘Past Lives’ premiered at the Sundance Film Festival. The movie opens with a childhood love sprouting into a long-lasting one. Nora and Hae Sung find love in their friendship when Nora leaves for Canada with her family.

Past Lives
PIC credits: Past Lives

They both once again meet on Facebook and have a great time but again part ways. Destiny meets them again but this time Nora is married to Arthur.

They meet face to face but things have changed forever. Han Sung tells Nora that he always loved her but Nora meets him one last time saying that they will be together in the next life.

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