The Impossible Heir Season 1: Release Date, Synopsis, and More Interesting Details

K-Drama folks!! A thriller filled with drama; this series brings you the plot of a lifetime. ‘The Impossible Heir’ subtly drafts a sneaky fight for rights and revenge. Three people plot against the biggest empiricist to rightfully take away what is theirs, either it will be given straight or by force.

Unlike the typical K-drama Kramas filled with love and romance, this drama rushes the spine. Let’s get started!!

The Impossible Heir Season 1
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The Impossible Heir Season 1: Synopsis

The synopsis of the story is quite vengeful. It starts with Kang In-Ha, who lived a low-key life. After he comes to know that his father owns a great business and is rich for sure, he tries to make amends with his family. Being the illegitimate child, the family rejects him and insults him.

To avenge what is rightfully his, he brings his friends- Han Tae-Oh, who seems to have a psychological past of his mother’s murder by his father, and Na Hye-Won who wants to live life without the burden of debt and also has a past related to the Kang-Oh Group.

Together they plot against the Kang-Oh Group and take everything that is theirs.

Here take a look at the trailer-

The Impossible Heir Season 1: Release Date

The Impossible Heir, k-revenge drama is all set to make its smashing entry on Disney+. The series is slated to have 12 episodes coming every Wednesday. The release date is slated for tomorrow i.e. February 28, 2024. The timings of the series will be 5 pm (KST), 8 pm (IST) and 5 am (ET).

The Impossible Heir Season 1: Speculation

The artists playing the lead roles talked about their experiences in the series. Lee Jae-Wook who plays Han Tae-oh told IMBC about their friendship and teamwork. He said-

 We share so many of our worries and concerns with each other… Actor Lee Jun-Young added- I found it easy to focus on acting with actors Lee Jae Wook and Hong Su Zu. Our on-set chemistry was really good—I couldn’t ask for more…

Hong Su Zu also said she wishes that viewers and people would like the series and the energy and delivery through the characters may also be liked by fans.

The Impossible Heir Season 1: Speculation
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The Impossible Heir Season 1: Cast

The main characters in the series are Lee Jae-wook as Han Tae-oh, Lee Jun-young as Kang In-ha, and Hong Su-zu as Na Hye-won.

Apart from them, we have supporting and recurring characters like Han Sang-jin as Kang In-joo; the legitimate child, Choi Jin-ho as Kang Jung-mo, Kim Ho-Jung as Jang Geum-seok, Lee Ji-hoon as Kang Seong-ju, Kim Young-Joo as Yoon Hyang-mi and Heo Nam-joon as Ha Myeong-jin.

The Impossible Heir Season 1: Cast
PIC credits- Disney+


Get ready for the ultimate revenge. This Korean drama unleashes a razor-sharp intrigue plot. Boundaries are mere lines that can easily be removed. Fair play prevails within limits, but once boundaries are breached, prepare for the unexpected and unimaginable.

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