A Strange Way of Life on Netflix: When is the Short Film coming on Netflix?

‘A Strange Way of Life’ depicts a ranch love story of two friends turned lovers. The short film (technically a 30mins) has a deeper understanding of love when two men meet each other after 25 years and their bromance rather than romance rekindles. After being released at the Cannes Film Festival, it’s all set to have an OTT release.

A Strange Way of Life
PIC credits: Netflix

A Strange Way of Life: When is it coming out?

The Western romance is coming on April 12, 2024. It will be released on Netflix. The LGBTQ movie has gotten a great review on Rotten Tomatoes of 76% and an audience ratio of almost 60%.

A Strange Way of Life: Synopsis

The plot talks about two friends who once were lovers. Silva and Jake parted their ways 25 years ago and one day meet again. A case of Jake’s brother’s wife’s murder brings them along.

With lots of past things, they reunite. Some old-bitter talks from the past scarred their relationship. Silva’s son Joe who could be behind this murder, is searched by him but when he comes across that he is Silva’s son, he thinks he is helping to escape him.

Take a look at the trailer-

To know what happens next, the movie will come on Netflix, this spring. So mark your calendars to this date.

A Strange Way of Life: Speculations and Cast

The movie has already been released overseas in 2023. It came out in Spain and was originally a Spanish movie. It was featured in Cannes Film Festival and later in theatres around May 23, 2023. To cater to the US and other parts of the country, it’s now being released on OTT.

Starring Pedro Pascal and Ethan Hawke as leads, the movie shows the two in surreal roles. Apart from them, we have Ethan Hawke as Sheriff Jake, Pedro Pascal as Silva, Pedro Casablanc as the carpenter, Manu Ríos as the singer, George Steane as Joe, Sara Sálamo as Conchita, Oihana Cueto as Calixta, and Daniela Medina as Patricia

A Strange Way of Life: Speculations and Cast
PIC credits: Netflix


A Strange Way of Life’ will transport fans to the rugged beauty of the desert. A place where the untamed spirit of the wild meets the heartfelt bonds; this cinematic gem doesn’t just tell a story—it weaves an emotional tapestry that captures the essence of cowboy life in all its raw, unbridled glory. The film delivers a powerful blend of adventure, emotion, and timeless appeal, leaving us utterly captivated.

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