Ready or Not Sequel Announced? Everything You Need to Know About Dark Horror

Ready or Not Sequel Coming Soon!!

A childhood game of Hide and Seek becomes the nightmare of a lifeti me for a newlywed. The 2019, dark thriller got fans hooked to their screens. The movie starts on a happy note but turns out it was a tease of something unpredictable. After the prequel gained huge applause from fans, are there any chances for a sequel? Let’s find out.

Ready or Not Sequel: Is it Announced?

The thriller-horror has been in talks for a sequel. The ‘Insidious’ director Adam Robitel is in talks for directing the sequel. The anticipated release of the sequel will happen by the end of 2024 or 2025 beginning. So brace yourselves for another mysterious happening.

Ready or Not: What Happened in the Prequel?

Alex and Grace marry each other in the lavish mansion of the Domas Family. Domas Family Games company is one of the known companies in the vicinity. As Grace is on cloud nine to be part of such an affluent family, she feels a little weird around them.

On the night of their wedding, the patriarch of the family offers Grace a ritual to be performed as now part of the family.

At first, she feels a bit absurd but then takes this as a fun game. As the game begins, the member starts seeking her through all the weapons and sharp things that might cut her in half. The night turns into a game of chase and kill and the ending is even more horrifying than imagined. It’s available on Prime Video.

Ready or Not: What to expect in the sequel?

Well, it’s tough to anticipate the sequel’s story but we can imagination flow at this point. Another childhood nostalgia will be churned into a dark and creepy nightmare. The chances of the main cast to return may seem a little hazy but the actress playing Grace aka Samara Weaving is again reprising her role. So we can expect something more gripping.

Ready or Not: Cast

Until now only Samara Weaving will be seen in the sequel and director Adam Robitel is in talks to direct. So the cast is yet to be brought on board.


With the prequel ‘Ready or Not’ already giving fans a taste of thrill, the announcement for the sequel has got fans even or hyped. Until the official release date is revealed fans can hope for another round of chase and hide until the last one stands.

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