Damsel Review: A Shallow Belief Brought to Ashes

Millie Bobby Brown’s ‘Damsel’ has set foot into shattering the web of lies to fulfill the merger’s prosperity. The movie may seem like a conventional damsel in distress rescued by the handsome prince but what unfolds in here; is just not that conventional.

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Elodie aimed to serve but developed a strong spirit for justice

The story unfolds a simple plot of a lady in the northern side, Elodie, and her family who are helping to serve their people. Her sisters Floria and Eloria reach home to see that the eldest daughter has been elected to be the next queen of Aurea. They voyage to the city and find heaven that beholds some rich gains for the north.

Elodie is sceptical about it yet she agrees to marriage. The kingdom has all the amenities that would bring a lot of development to the north. The living and staying in a beautiful tower of the castle gets these girls thrilled. Things feel too good to be true when the real faces of these royals are out in the open.

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On the day of her wedding, two things happen. One is the general ceremony of matrimony, and the other as the sun goes down, forbidden ceremony that clasps the new bride into a sacrifice. Poor Elodie is trapped in darkness and has nowhere to go.

Damsel escapes the fairytale prince-princess clincher into the ashes of truth

As the story unfolds, Elodie is in distress. With no help and scope to find a way out, she finds the shackles of swords, and jewelry and enters a cave where firebirds rain on the top and the mystical dragon appears. She starts to play with her food. As Elodie feels betrayed she finds the cave where the now dead princesses left escape plans. She follows it and nearly escapes but the dragon finds her.

After knowing all that was lied to her and the dragon, she tears off her dress and becomes a warrior to kill the kingdom’s web of lies that caused many innocent girls to lose their lives. As the movie approaches an end, Elodie seeks a new awakening for her people and she enlightens the torch of verity.

To be honest, the movie isn’t a fairytale story but is rooted in the belief in trust. The kingdom saving their legacy by killing innocent blood got them burned into ashes. The movie truly shatters the profound ground for righteousness with a damsel taking the sword to herself.

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Millie Bobby has done an amazing job with her character. Marrying the prince was never in her books but a trust was broken and unleashed the wrath of injustice in Aurea. The prince and his not-so-clever mother got what they deserved…DEATH(The prince was just the puppet; it’s the queen who needs a firey death). The movie is available on Netflix.

To review the movie, it’s a solid 4.5 out of 5.

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