Doctor Who Season 14 Coming out Soon: Everything We Need to Know About the BBC series

The world of ‘Doctor Who’ is set to afoot again and will cure people and liberate societies. The upcoming season promises to have elements of drama and magic with a hint of mystery. Ever since the ‘Barbie’ actor Ncuti Gatwa has been taking forward the legacy of super doctors; fans are excited for the series to begin. 

Doctor Who Season 14
PIC credits: BBC

So let’s dive in to know more about the forthcoming season.

Doctor Who Season 14: Release Date

The series is all set to come this year. It is slated for May 11, 2024. It is set to stream on BBC One and Disney+. So peeps mark your calendars for this date.

Doctor Who Season 14: Plot

As per the teaser Doctor encounters now and then with a girl named Ruby, who is on a quest to find her biological mother. As she faces lots of ups and downs and a series of bad luck; she meets a doctor at every junction. Together they travel from time and space to find the woman and a baby being attacked by goblins.

They travel now in time and back to fill the gaps. They hunt the goblins and save Ruby (baby) from being eaten by them. How will they do it? Watch the series coming in May 2024.

Doctor Who Season 14: Speculations

A lot of delays happened for this series. Firstly the season was ready in 2023 but the strikes led it to delay further. Hence, we could have seen it in 2023. Also, an interesting fact about season 14 is that the Sex education fame Ncuti Gatwa faced quite a backlash as he led the torch for season 14 of Doctor Who. In an interview with Rolling Stones, he said-

I’m the first Black man to play this character. The British press can be very mean… I just have to focus on the job and stay true to what the Doctor is…

Doctor Who Season 14: Speculations
PIC credits: BBC

Doctor Who Season 14: Cast

Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor, Millie Gibson as Ruby Sunday, Varada Sethu as (unnamed) companion, Jemma Redgrave as Kate Lethbridge-Stewart, Yasmin Finney as Rose Noble, Aneurin Barnard as Roger ap Gwilliam, Michelle Greenidge as Carla Sunday, Indira Varma as the Duchess, Bonnie Langford as Mel Bush, Lenny Rush as Morris, and Alexander Devrient as Colonel Christopher Ibrahim


With season 14 of Doctor Who, coming soon fans are super hyped about Ncuti Gatwa as the Doctor. The teaser and cast have already given goosebumps; so tighten your boots to travel time and space with a magician doctor!!

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