The Impossible Heir Episode 6 Review: A Sweet Love Revenge

Another cliffhanger added to the last episode of ‘The Impossible Heir’. As the previous episode shows the attack on Taeho; the next episode brings a shocking revelation that just blows up our mind. As Taeho is brought to the hospital, Hye-won reaches first and is devasted to see Taeho unconscious swinging between life and death.

The Impossible Heir Episode 6
PIC credits: The Impossible Heir, Disney+

Taeho’s Attacker and Inha’s Marriage all bring in a new curiosity in The Impossible Heir: Episode 6 Review

After what we saw in Episode 5, Taeho is brought to the hospital. Hye-won informs Inha about it. Inha is in his house spending some quality time with his father. As he gets the consent of his father, he rushes to the hospital to see him. Hye-won sees Taeho as he holds her hand and begs her not to leave. After Taeho is out of the surgery, he is unconscious till he is shifted to a room.

Hye-won stays with him until Inha’s sister comes in. Inha also comes to see Taeho. Kang Hui-Ju warns again to Inha that he must be careful with Hye-won. Both saw Taeho and Hye-won holding hands but ignored it. Inha calls up his team not to disclose any details about the attack; even the chairman agrees on it.

Taeho's Attacker and Inha's Marriage all bring in a new curiosity in The Impossible Heir: Episode 6 Review
PIC credits: The Impossible Heir, Disney+

Taeho wakes up and sees that none of the two have registered a complaint against the person who attacked him. Inha convinces him that it’s for the reputation of the company.

Taeho comes out of the hospital to meet the Chairman and tells him that he wants to know who attacked him. He promises that the Kangoh group won’t be involved in it. He reaches his hacker’s place and asks him to take down the camera of the basketball ground to see who attacked him.

He find that Kang In-Ju’s secretary Mo Ki-Joon, was behind this. he warns him saying that if he or his master come in the middle of this, then he will give them a taste of their medicine. On the other hand, Hye-won gets to know that Inha ordered not to get anything legally involved in Taeho’s case to draw the company’s name. She is utterly disgusted by Inha’s behavior as to what Taeho is doing for him.

PIC credits: The Impossible Heir, Disney+

Inha and Hye-won are invited for dinner with the Kang family. After this, Hye-won meets Taeho on the terrace of his previous apartment. Taeho confesses his feelings for him and they share a kiss at that moment. This is captured by Ki-Joon on his camera. He sends it to his boss.

The scene changes to Inha and Hye-won’s wedding where everyone and everything is perfect. Joy and happiness are flowing like bliss. Now Hye-won is a family and In-Ju shows her some pictures that make them go blue.

Towards the end epsiode, Taeho wakes up in In-Ju’s house holding something piercingly sharp(looks like a sharp screwdriver). He sees both the eldest Kang son and his wife dead on the ground.

PIC credits: The Impossible Heir, Disney+

Impossible Heir Episode 7 Preview

Did Taeho kill them? Did he avenge the insult to his former lover on the day of their wedding? Lots of questions come to our minds. Has Taeho become a murderer like his dad? Episode 7 which will hit on coming Wednesday will clear the air. So K-thriller peeps!! Do not miss the next episode on Disney+.

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