Full Swing Season 2 Review: More of Everything for the Golf Fans

Netflix and the PGA Tour are back with another season of Full Swing and the golf fans have a lot in store for them with Season 2. With the first season of Full Swing, viewers had little to no idea of what to expect, but now that the bar had been set, expectations with definitely have for Full Swing Season 2, and it delivered in more than many ways. Whether someone wanted more behind the scenes or more of the tournament, there was plenty for everyone.

Now that Full Swing Season 2 is streaming on Netflix, the discourse about which season is better will definitely begin, and as it does, we’re here to weigh in on why Season 2 might have held a higher ground as compared to the first one.

Keep reading to learn more about our thoughts on the latest of season of your favorite golf docuseries, Full Swing.

A Hole In One

Full Swing Season 2, much like the first season, has a grand total of 8 episodes, with each following a different story or event to cover to encompass the golf year which was full of frenzy.

As compared to the first season, this season felt more intense and dramatic, in terms of golfing, as well as the lives behind the scenes, whether it came down to the players or their trials and tribulations in their golfing career.

Full Swing Season 2
Credit- Netflix

The focus in the latest season is The Ryder Cup, which will help engage the fans, and for those who are wondering, there was plenty of Rory McIlroy, who is also someone viewers had anticipated to see more of this season. Nevertheless, the first season felt like a starter when it comes to a whole meal, and season two felt like that actual main and maybe even the dessert with enough juicy bits to make this a fun binge.

Should You Watch Full Swing Season 2?

This question really depends on your love for golf. Unlike football or cricket, golf is a little more slow-paced, and might take some getting used to, but Full Swing Season 1 and 2 are the places to go if you want to dive into the world of golf.

If you’re already a fan of golf, our best bet is that you have watched the season before we have and loved every single second of it.

Should You Watch Full Swing Season 2?
Credit- Netflix

Netflix and the golfers together had a lot to work with in 2023 as the season of golf was better than ever, which might have resulted in this successful 8-episode season now streaming exclusively on Netflix.  

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