The Impossible Heir Episode 8 Review: Kang In-Ha Showed His True Colors

K-Drama peeps! We could have never expected that Inha would do such a thing with Taeho. The latest episode of ‘The Impossible Heir’ has turned the tables for both Taeho and Inha. Best Buddies have now become sworn enemies and the reason is very obvious…The Girl. Minds are blown away and revenge is sprouting for Kang Inha.

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Inha Deliberately plotted for Taeho; Killing him is the next step: The Impossible Heir Episode 8

In episode 7, Taeho is convicted of murdering Kang Inju and his mistress. Gi-Jun’s statement in the court has got Taeho’s death sentence. He is shifted to another jail where he meets Boss Tak. Inha has taken over the office and is fulfilling his duty as the next CEO of Kangoh. Na Hye-Won, without knowing that Inha’s intentions keeps meeting Taeho.

In a change of scenario, Inha recalls the day when Gi-Jun sent him pictures of them meeting and the night when they kissed. Hye-Won gives him clothes to change when he aggressively kisses her. She tries to stop him but he forces himself on her. He confessed his true intentions to make Taeho suffer.

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He says that he never wanted Taeho to love her. He deliberately picked her and put a ring on her finger, to prevent him from becoming a human. Taeho’s undivided focus and aggression would let Inha get over the Kangoh group. Hye-Won is shocked to hear this but deep down she knew what he was doing.

At the prison, Taeho contacts Seonu Wan to find out every detail, especially Inha. He comes with the shocking news that Gijun worked for both Inju and secretly for Inha. This baffles Taeho. He called him his true friend but like any other rich brat, he showed his true intention. Boss Tak helps him get a phone and everything he needs. As he is slowly trying to remember, about that night, he recollects a small thing. Gi-Jun was not driving them that day, it was someone else.

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On an unfateful day, Taeho’s mother comes to see him. He rejects to meet but when he returns, she is gone. His mother is utterly disheartened to find her son, end up like his father.

The scene shifts to Inha and Hye-Won where Inha tells her that their father has asked them to meet them for dinner. She agrees to come. Seeing the marks of smothering on her neck, he tells Hye-Won that he will never give her a divorce to which she replies, she’ll never ask.

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Hye-Won tells everything about Inha and his threatening to rot him in jail. Now she asks Taeho to help her take over the Kangoh group. Taeho tells her to start from the Kangoh-art Foundation. Inha sees Hye-Won meeting Taeho and is about to play his trump card.

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As episode 8 ends, we come across that Inha has ordered Gi-Jun to kill Taeho. He has even come to Seonu Wan and could kill him too(For he knows too much about the Kangoh group and also helping Taeho come out). Taeho is called by someone who is visiting to see him but who is that person?

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The upcoming episode has already hinted at a bigger picture for friends now archenemies. This twist in the tale has given fans shock and made them note that Inha used this friend and took all away what he deserved. Folk, do not miss the next episode to know the next cliffhanger between the three. Stay tuned to know more.

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