Hot Wheels Let’s Race Review: Unleashing Impressive Cars and Feel-Good Moments

If you have spent a part of your childhood playing with Hot Wheels or consuming any content with the same, then you need to hop on to Netflix and start streaming Hot Wheels Let’s Race.

While this animated series is aimed at the younger audience with its feel-good moments and notes of friendship and unity, any age group can watch Hot Wheels Let’s Race, because there truly is something for anyone.

Hot Wheels Let’s Race Review
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Produced by Mattel Television, Rob David, Christopher Keenan, and Frederic Soulie takes the older generation into a nostalgic mood, whereas the younger generation is in for some fun, folly, and a whole lot of action when it comes to Hot Wheels Let’s Race. Dive into our review before you put this animated series on your watchlist.

Characters are worth the hype

One of the best things about Hot Wheels Let’s Race is the characters of the animated series, especially the core ones, which are seen in every episode and segment. This animated series has 10 episodes, and each episode has 2 segments, which ultimately brings the series to a total of 20 short segments and plenty for the viewers and fans to watch.

Characters are worth the hype

The main characters of Hot Wheels Let’s Race include Coop voiced by Jakari Fraser, Amari McCoy as Spark, Griffen Campbell as Mac, Risa Mei as Brights, Josh Keaton as Axle, Charlie Schlatter as Sidecar and Grey DeLisle-Griffin as Dash Wheeler.

Even the cockiest of characters, aka Axle, is someone you eventually grow to love as this animated series truly pays attention to everyone’s character arcs, despite being all about cool cars, and the Ultimate Garage Racing Camp.

Dive into Hot Wheels Let’s Race for all the cars

Ultimately, when you hear the word Hot Wheels, all you can think about is cars, and there’s plenty of that in Hot Wheels Let’s Race. Each segment and every episode of this animated series by Mattel is filled with cars that are bound to blow your mind.

The kids at the Ultimate Garage Racing Camp often participate in tasks that will make one of them the camp champion and every task requires cars, that you simply wished were real.

Dive into Hot Wheels Let’s Race for all the cars
Credit- Netflix

There is something for everyone when it comes to Hot Wheels Let’s Race, because the series isn’t limited to cars, but also has some great action sequences, solid plotlines, and well-written characters that ultimately form a bond of friendship, but let’s face it, the cars are the best part of this animated series, which is now streaming on Netflix.

In addition, the last segment of the series has also confirmed a second season, so there will be plenty more to look forward to.

Hot Wheels Let’s Race
Credit- Netflix
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