‘DUNE 2’ star Josh Brolin hints on his return to ‘Deadpool 3’

Dune 2‘ is coming out soon and fans are all excited about the sequel. Amidst Dune’s excitement, Josh Brolin who was recently seen promoting the movie with his team, was asked about ‘Deadpool 3’. The actor played Cable in the sequel to the Marvel movie, so are there any chances that the character is returning in the third installment?

Dune: Part 2
PIC credits: Warner Bros

Let’s find out.

Deadpool actor Josh Brolin thinks he ‘might not’ return in ‘Deadpool 3’

The actor recently interacted with Collider and talked about his upcoming venture in ‘Dune 2’. The actor was even asked about his return in Deadpool 3; to which he said he may or may not return. Brolin even jokingly said that Ryan Reynolds doesn’t like him. He continued-

No. I don’t know…Ryan doesn’t like me…Maybe…

So is Cable coming along with Deadpool and Wolverine? It will only be revealed on July 26, 2024.

Deadpool actor Josh Brolin thinks he 'might not' return in 'Deadpool 3'
PIC credits: Josh Brolin, Marvel

Talking about ‘Deadpool 2’, Josh Brolin played Cable who time-traveled to stop a young mutant from making the same mistake, he did in the future. Deadpool helps him in stopping the kid. The fourth installment talks about Deadpool on a special mission and helping a special agency to get rid of bad guys.

He is offered a deal to become a superhero just like Marvel. He also meets the X-Men and joins hands with Wolverine; who is more interested in breaking them.

Taking about ‘Dune 2’, Paul Atreides is coming back. Joined by Chani and the Fremen, they quest to avenge against those who harmed their land and family. 

Dune 2
PIC credits: Warner Bros

He also tries to stop a bad future that only he can foresee. Austin Butler plays Feyd-Rautha, who is more lethal than any other Harkonnen. He is merciless and will go to any extent to stop Paul from his mission.

‘Dune 2’ is coming on March 1, so don’t miss the epic journey of Paul and his fight to win the glory of his land.

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