Mea Culpa Review: Intriguing Plot Twists Lead Mea to Question Herself

What a turn of events happned in Mea Culpa!! A critical case of a painter who killed his girlfriend gets out of hand and this brings us to a crucial climax. The movie had a slow start but an intense an intense ending makes it up for fans.

Mea Culpa
PIC credits: Mea Culpa, Netflix

Mea Harper’s life gets tangled in a lie: Mea Culpa Honest Review

Mea Culpa starts on an intriguing note. Mea is juggling between her marriage and her husband’s mother. The only thing that makes her happy is her work. Starting with a high profile case, a painter Zyair Malloy is accused of murdering his girlfriend, Hydie. She takes up the case to get her bills done and contribute to her mother-in-law’s chemo.

Zyair happens to be a good painter and can easily arouse a woman into falling in love with him. Mea remains strictly professional with him. She tries to get the truth out of him but he seems to be good at lying. On the other hand, Mea is struggling in her marriage; her husband Kal seems to have an affair but wants their marriage to work.

Mea and her friend, who is also a private investigator send her images of her husband; the same night Zyair asks her if she is equally attracted to her. She in rage, sleeps with him but is instantly guilty.

Mea Harper's life gets tangled in a lie: Mea Culpa Honest Review
PIC credits: Netflix

She gets a new attorney for him before she loses her mind and falls head over heels on her. As she leaves his case, she meets Renee an art gallery owner, who tells her that the painter idolizes his woman and gets inspired from them. Mea comes back to Zyair’s to find that he is a womanizer.

On the other hand, Mea’s marriage breaks as her brother-in-law tells Kal about her one-night stand. She goes off to a place to clear her head that Hydie, is not dead. She calls her brother-in-law to help his case but turns out it was all planned.

Mea's marriage breaks
PIC credits: Netflix

Mea runs away from the house who are now trying to kill her but the twist in the tale is..well not gonna spoil the end!!

Mea Culpa is truly a gem to watch. The plot initially becomes a little mundane but as the plot elevates, the story gets a super exciting end. To review it, is a solid 4.5 out of 5. For thrilling and suspense lovers, this is a treat to the eyes. The movie is available on Netflix.

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