Is Reacher Season 3 Announced? Everything We Know

‘Reacher’ has once made to the fans with another exciting announcement. The action drama starring Alan Richardson as an ex-soldier fighting for justice; will be back with another mystery case, and action is a must. With season 2 already giving fans lots of goosebumps, what is in store for a season 3? Let’s find out.

Reacher Season 3
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Is the Reacher Season 3 Renewed?

Yes, folks, season 3 of Lee Child’s book of the same name has been renewed. The exact release date for the series is yet to be announced. So till then, folks keep your boots tightened and wait for the announcement. The first two seasons are available on Prime Video.

In an interaction with THR, the showrunner Nick Santora, told them his plans for season 3. He said-

The DNA of Reacher moves about on his own and teams up with good people… then he says goodbye to those people and goes on his way.

What happened in Reacher Season 2?

In season 2 ‘Reacher‘ learns that Langston never was a part of the conspiracy. Swan was murdered and his DNA was swapped with someone else. The team stops the team and Lavoy. The team and Reacher initially execute the plan by using a Little Wing missile and blowing out the whole place; saving the people and looking forward to the next mission.

What happened in Reacher Season 2?
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What to Expect in Reacher Season 3?

As each season of the Prime Video series is based on the book, season 3 is also based on the book titled Persuader. According to the synopsis, the series’ story will be another mission of Jack Reacher going undercover. He has a mission to rescue a person on the radar of suspicious groups like the underworld or mafia.

The next season seems to promise a lot about the series. So brace yourselves for an exciting adventure.

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The cast of Season 3

Alan Richtson as Jack Reacher, Maria Sten as Frances Neagley, Anthony Michael Hall as Zachary Beck, Sonya Cassidy as Susan Duffy, Brian Tee as Quinn, Johnny Berchtold as Richard Beck, Roberto Montesinos as Guillermo Villanueva, and Daniel David Stewart as Steven Elliot, a rookie DEA agent.

PIC credits: Prime Video


With ‘Reacherseason 3 announced, fans are super excited for another action sequence in the web series. Alan Ritchson as Jack is once again coming out from his lone wolf vibes to a smacking teamwork and saving his nation. So folks stay tight as it going to a bumpy road with lots of friction and heart-skipping ventures.

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