The Beast In Me: Release Date, Cast, Speculations, and More about the Netflix Limited Series

The suspense thriller coming soon on Netflix, ‘The Beast in Me’, is set to intrigue you in all possible ways. The limited series coming this year will bring out haunting nightmares and a revelation of things will grip fans to the end. Let’s dive in to know more.

The Beast In Me: Release Date

The series has been announced but the cast and crew are yet to be finalised. The release date of the series is yet to be determined, so folks we have to wait.

The Beast In Me: Plot

The series focuses on the lives of two people. An acclaimed author, Aggie Wiggs has distanced herself from the public after her young son died. The tragedy has led her to writer’s block and her next book’s story is giving her nightmares. One day a real estate tycoon Nile Sheldon relocates to an empty house next to her.

The real estate man has been a suspect for his wife’s disappearance but it was all in the air. Intrigued by the subject of this, Aggie tries to find the truth and later makes it her next book’s story. What happens next will amaze you!! Don’t forget to watch it once it’s out on Netflix.

The Beast In Me: Cast

Claire Danes will play the lead, Aggie Wiggs. The hunt for the rest of the cast is still going on, so folks we have to wait. Daniel Pearle, Jodie Foster, and Conan O’Brien are co-producing with the rest of the producers


‘The Beast in Me’ has an intriguing storyline that will make fans go crazy. Brace yourselves fans for an epic journey into the web of lies and the truth as shocking as it can be.

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