Road House Review: Jake Gyllenhaal’s Latest has a Decently Straightforward Storyline

Jake Gyllenhaal’s latest release ‘Road House‘ has a pretty decent story. Yes, the movie has a lot of fights, actions, and sarcastic comedy elements but the story is quite stale TBH!! The story starts with a decent start, where the pro-fighter juggles his life through underground fights. Elwood Dalton, a pro-UFC fighter, has left his limelight and is living in the dark, hiding from a past that has been giving him nightmares.

Road House Review: Jake Gyllenhaal's
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Conor McGregor: The Game-Changer in ‘Road House’ Review

It’s a decently average story but bringing a real UFC fighter Conor McGregor changed the game. This crazy chaos maker in Road House, brought a lot of action as he entered the scene. The trajectory of the plot starts to elevate after McGregor comes into the picture.

The character Elwood takes a job at a lakeside cafe bar as a bouncer. Initially, the bullies tried to turn the bar into hell but Dalton changed their idea of bullying into a bunch of scared kids afraid of the real bully. Dalton meets a nice girl Ellie whom he finds attractive but yes, a doctor and fighter, not a great match.

Conor McGregor: The Game-Changer in 'Road House' Review
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A spoiled brat Brandt tries to get Dalton to feel his mistake(the nightmares of his last fight). But this doesn’t change anything. As he tried to leave Florida, the good people whom he met in the beginning; bullies burnt their shop without any of their involvement. This has now unleashed the beast. He is now about to take down everything and everyone who tried to mess with him.

Knox, who gave Dalton a tough time(honestly he was capable of fighting a pro-fighter, the rest were just toys in front of a naughty child). His craziness brought a flavor into a boring bouncer story. Towards the end, Dalton makes his point clear- Not to mess with the devil but to leave the city.

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Honestly speaking folks, the movie is pretty okay to watch. Patrick Swayze’s 1989 Road House has a similar storyline so the third copy of the movie doesn’t seem to make a point. Seeing Gyllenhaal in fighter mode was a fresh element in the movie but did not appeal that much to the audience and critics. The masculinity and testosterone brought into this are hysterically funny but yes, the fight sequence is quite good.

To give it a rating out of 5, ‘Road House‘ gets a 3.5 from my side. Good to watch if you love action!!

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