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Shang-Chi 2 in the Works: New Storyline and the Legend of Ten Rings Origins CONFIRMED!

Shang-Chi 2 in the Works: New Storyline and The Legend of Ten Rings Origins CONFIRMED!

Shang-Chi 2 Confirmed!!

Marvel’s upcoming movies have created a huge hype among fans. The 2021 ‘Shang-Chi and The Legend of Ten Rings’ have garnered a huge fanbase, especially Simu Liu. Ever since the movie came out, fans have manifested for a sequel for quite a long. Now, their wishes have come true.

The sequel to the Shang-Chi movie has been confirmed and is currently underway. With new story and an ancient legend of the Ten Rings will also be shown.

Shang-Chi 2 SPOILERS Coming Through!!

The upcoming sequel to the movie, ‘Shang-Chi 2 and The Wreckage of Time’ has been finally announced. The movie is currently under work. One of the earlier rumors about the movie was, that the sequel to Simu Liu’s movie, would have some connection to the Kang Dynasty; the upcoming movie in Marvel’s pipeline.

Today the rumor turned out to be true. The ancient legend of the 10 rings procured by Shaun aka Shang-Chi from his father Xu Wenwu, will have a back story on how the rings were given to Shaun’s father. The movie will have time travel and is slated in Phase 6 of the MCU. The agents of Atlas will also be featured in the movie.

Shang-Chi 2 SPOILERS Coming Through!!
PIC credits: Marvel, Shang-Chi, and the Legend of Ten Rings

Also, towards the end credits, Wong comes to Shaun and asks him to come with him; hinting to fans that Simu Liu might appear in the Avengers movie. Also, it is possible that from here, the origins of Ten Rings might begin.

Will Simu Liu be part of Shang-Chi 2?

Currently, not much is known about the movie but soon things will be out in the open. Now the question arises will Simu Liu reprise his role as the Shang-Chi 2? The actor was recently asked about it and said that he would love to be back.

Talking about the prequel, Shaun lives in San Francisco and works as a valet in a hotel. He is living a simple life with his great friend, Katy. One day Shaun is attacked by a group of people and one of them steals his mother’s last memory which he kept as a pendant.

Will Simu Liu be part of Shang-Chi 2?
PIC credits: Marvel, Shang-Chi and the Legend of Ten Rings

Shawn later tells Katy that his father is the most powerful person in the entire universe and tells her a story of his father who has 10 rings that are powerful than anything. He meets his sister Meng and also his father. He takes them to his fortress and tells them that their mother is trapped in a cave and is unable to come.

They journey to their mother’s land and try to stop their father from unleashing a soul-sucking beast.

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