SHOCKING!! Does Jake Sully Die in Avatar 3?

Will Jake Sully die in Avatar 3?

James Camron’s ‘Avatar’ has created a great influence in the film industry. The first two movies have grossed more than a billion dollars and are still creating new and beyond-imagination stories of Na’vi and human existence co-inside with peace.

A shocking fact about ‘Avatar 3’ will leave fans in dismay if the rumor of Jake Sully dying in the third installment comes out to be true.

Does Jake Sully Die in Avatar 3
PIC credits: 20th Century Pictures

‘Avatar 3’ places a curiosity in Jake Sully concluding with the third movie

This might come as a shock but looks like Jake Sully may die in ‘Avatar 3’. According to Screenrant, in an upcoming installment of James Cameron’s movie, the character of Jake Sully will be brought down. The reason is that with Jake’s kids growing, they will take over the story of Pandora and its existence with human invasion, forward.

They also posed that Jake will grow old and with the time gap between the first and second, many things happened and changed with Na’vi. The director also said that ‘Avatar 3‘ will have Jake’s son narrating the story, bringing a fresh wave of storytelling.

'Avatar 3' places a curiosity in Jake Sully concluding with the third movie
PIC credits: 20th Century Pictures

It is also said that with Jake’s death, his cycle of life will come full circle. How he came to Pandora, got a rebirth in an avatar body and could move again; had a family, and many others.

Kiri who is biologically Dr.Grace’s daughter, will navigate her path as she feels different from the rest. As Jake Sully dies, Neytiri might become the priestess of Ewya and serve the clan with spiritual needs. Since Jake and Neytiri’s kids have both human and Na’vi DNA, they can bring balance between humans and avatars existing equally without any war.

PIC credits: 20th Century Pictures

Until the official plot of the movie is not out; fans are free to use their imagination. So till then stay tight and enjoy the beautiful journey of ‘Avatar‘.

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