Steve Treviño: Simple Man Review- Uncomplicated Comedy for a Good Laugh

Netflix has a range of stand-up comedy specials, and Steve Treviño: Simple Man is yet another addition to the mix. If you are familiar with Steve Treviño’s work, then this particular stand-up special of his might not be your favorite, but it’s definitely one you will remember and smile. With some funny moments and a whole lot of wholesomeness, Treviño delivered in Steve Treviño: Simple Man.

There’s plenty to stream on Netflix right now, and after you’re done watching some true crime, or drama, you might want to unwind with Steve Treviño: Simple Man, and we’re here to tell you what we thought about it.

So, keep reading this article for our thoughts on this comedy special, and whether or not it deserves your immediate attention.

Steve Treviño’s Narration of His Simple Life

As the title suggests, Steve Treviño: Simple Man, is about the stand-up comedian and his life, which might seem simple on the surface, and most of its aspects most certainly are, the comedic tones make it a little more extraordinary, and the saving grace of Steve Treviño: Simple Man.

In this comedy special, Treviño starts off by talking about his marriage, with the focus being on his wife, and the audience loves every second of it.

Steve Treviño: Simple Man

Each and every instance that Treviño shares in this comedy special is something the audience, and viewers at home streaming this on Netflix, can relate to, which makes it a success. Every time Treviño talks about his wife, or their time spent together, there are several hoots from the audience.

Ultimately, a good chunk of Steve Treviño: Simple Man was about his better half, with a whole lot of laughter and relatability, along with giving the audience a little glimpse of how they grew up together and eventually got together.

Other parts of Steve Treviño: Simple Man also revolved around his family, and the best part of the special is when he takes the viewers back to his childhood and showcased the difference between his mother and father.

That truly served as the funniest part of the comedy special, and whether or not that’s something everyone can relate to, it surely garnered everyone’s attention. There’s simply a lot to love about Steve Treviño: Simple Man, and you are bound to have favorite moments.

Steve Treviño’s Narration of His Simple Life

Overall, Steve Treviño: Simple Man was simple, funny, and uncomplicated which is what made this comedy special a success for us. He told the viewers multiple stories, seamlessly threading together as events, one after the other, and they all fell in line perfectly.


If you’re having a rough day, then you might want to head over to Netflix and stream Steve Treviño: Simple Man, because that might just become the best part of your day, and we highly recommend it.

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