The Gentlemen Review: Guy Ritchie’s Netflix Series Exceeds Expectations

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and Snatch are only some of the endless projects that have been a part of Guy Ritchie’s exemplary filmography, and this time around, Ritchie has entered the world of television with a bang. In 2019.

Ritchie directed a movie titled The Gentlemen, and now, in 2024 Netflix has released a series by Ritchie with the same title. However, for those of you who are worried, having no prior knowledge about the movie isn’t important to be able to binge this series right away.

Netflix’s The Gentlemen is now streaming and showcases Ritchie’s directorial style, only in an episodic form this time around. There’s gore, action, splattered blood, some chemistry, and multiple notes of humor throughout the series. Keep reading our review to learn more about our thoughts on The Gentlemen.

The Cast that Stole the Show

Before we dive into the cast and how nearly perfect it was, here’s all you need to know about the premise of this series, and simply how disconnected it is from Guy Ritchie’s 2019 movie, and the two simply can’t be compared. Netflix’s series revolves around an outstanding and handsome young soldier, Eddie Halstead, whose army life is only briefly shown, but hints of the discipline stay throughout The Gentlemen.

Eddie finds his way back home following his father’s illness and death, after which his entire life takes a different shape altogether. He has now inherited his father’s entire estate and the title of the Duke, which originally belonged to his older brother, Freddy.

Freddy’s disappointment and urgency to inherit the same is more than obvious, and evidently clear as the series goes by and his shenanigans worsen.

The Gentlemen Review
Credit- Netflix

Meanwhile, Eddie finds out that there’s a lot more about his father and the estate that he did not know, and is thrust into a world of a drug empire growing on that very land. Now, he must try and navigate his through several incomplete deals amongst other things that his father has left behind.

The premise of The Gentlemen is easy to follow through the 8 episodes, with several scenes and little moments that will stand out. However, while the plot of the Ritchie’s series exuded brilliance, the cast might have stolen the show.

The Gentlemen
Credit- Netflix

The Gentlemen boasts a star-studded cast, starting with the protagonist Theo James who plays the role of Eddie. James’ acting in the series remains more or less the same for the 8 episodes, but it’s the consistency that stood out, especially for this particular character. Kaya Scodelario as Susie Glass was the perfect choice for the character, especially considering the unsaid chemistry between her and James.

However, Daniel Ings as Freddy Halstead stole the show, compared to all other characters who were a part of the series. Daniel truly embodied Freddy’s chaos-filled personality with a whole new energy, unlike anything we have seen before. Altogether, the series actors and actresses in The Gentlemen simply meshed well together to bring Ritchie’s Netflix series endeavor to life.

Daniel Ings
Credit- Netflix


If you like family drama filled with gore, action, humor, and several other elements all meshed in one that simply works together, then The Gentlemen is now streaming on Netflix, and we highly recommend you stream it.

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