The Impossible Heir Episode 7 Review: Han Taeoh Is Convicted for Murder

‘The Impossible Heir’ has taken another leap of twists and turns. As the series is slowly motioning toward a bigger picture; fans are frenzy about Taeoh and Inha’s next step. Now, the latest episode has again left fans on a cliffhanger; will Taeoh escape from this? Let’s find out.

The Impossible Heir Episode 7
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Kang In-Ju’s Plotted Murder left everyone in shock and Han Taeoh behind bars- The Impossible Heir Episode-7

In episode 6, Na Hye-Won meets Inju and he threatens to blackmail her. Hye-Won calls Taeoh but Inju asks the lover boy (Taeho) to meet him at his club. As Taeho reaches, Inju shows him some photos where they are kissing on the rooftop. Taeho smiles and threatens him to reveal his embezzlement.

Inju again gives him a chance to obey him and he agrees. In the happiness, Inju’s party is like a freak and makes Taeho do drugs and drink. The next day when Taeho wakes up he finds blood on his shirt and a sharp thing in his hand, drenched in blood. As Reality hits Taeoh, he is unable to understand what happened.

Kang In-Ju's Plotted Murder left everyone in shock and Han Taeoh behind bars- The Impossible Heir Episode-7
PIC credits: The Impossible Heir, Disney+

The news breaks out that Kangoh Resorts owner Kang Inju, has been brutally murdered. Everyone in the family is shocked. Inha doesn’t show any sorrow on his face. Taeho, still in shock that he did, is unable to make out if he did it or not. Chairman Kang Joong-Mo is devasted about the turn of events and tells Inha to silence everything coming in the media.

On the other hand, Taeho is taken to the remand room. The officers try to get him to confess but he keeps saying that he doesn’t remember anything. He had drugs and was given drugs to block his ability to remember. He is taken to a district jail until convicted for the murder. Later, Inha comes to meet him and asks not to contact him. Taeho is shocked to see that Inha didn’t even ask if he killed Inju.

Impossible Heir
PIC credits: The Impossible Heir, Disney+

As he tries to remember what happened that night; he remembers someone else too with them. Now, he needs Seonu Wan to find out who was there that night. Kwon Hyuk is called by the judiciary to give his statement of that night. He says that Taeho threatened them to do something to make them suffer.

Na Hye-Won tells Inha that he must be ashamed to call himself, to call him Taeho’s friend. Inha tells her to break ties with him now that she is Kangoh’s family. Taeho contacts her and tells her what to do. As he has fewer days to confess his innocence, he must act fast.

PIC credits: The Impossible Heir, Disney+

Towards the end, Inha takes over Taeho’s position as business strategy manager. He is contacted by someone who gives him information about Taeho. It ends with Taeho being convicted for Inju’s murder but did he do it? Did Inha kill his brother? Episode 8 will clear the air for fans; so stay tuned.

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