THOR 5: The Legend of Hercules Teases an Astonishing Plot, Fans Eagerly Anticipate

Marvel is soon to announce their next phase for MCU. On recent buzz to the next MCU phase, Thor 5 is creating a huge stir among fans. The announcement of Thor’s fifth movie has given curiosity about the next chapter in God of Thunder’s life.

Thor and the Legend of Hercules announced today is getting viral on all social media places and is also great news for Marvel lovers.

Thor 5 And the Legend of Hercules: What Should We Know

The potential plot for Marvel’s ‘Thor 5’ will have a duel between Thor and the supreme god’s son, Hercules. As previously known from Screenrant; they broke the plot for the fifth Marvel spinoff. In the aftermath of ‘Thor: Love and War‘, Hercules is about avenging his father’s misery.

In the fan fiction video, Thor and his daughter are living a stable life but someone as strong as God of Thunder is haunting the peace of Asguard. Thor and his family have to join forces once again to stop the demigod and son of Zeus. The curiosity of Hercules as the antagonist is hard to digest.

Thor 5 And the Legend of Hercules: What Should We Know
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In the animations and live-action movies, Hercules is the strongest god and as powerful as hundreds of lions. So how come Thor and Hercules set to fight? Why does Hercules want to avenge his father?

In the comics, both the gods have been god buddies by having fights over pretty things or were instigated by jealous gods to ruin Mt.Olympus and Asguard’s kingdom. The movie is slated for next year. But fans are peculiar about the plot.

Some Spoilers for Thor 5

Loki, the god of mischief will reunite with his brother Thor. Sylvie is about to have a significant part in the movie, Hercules will act as the villain but turns good in the end. Balder, the brave who is the half-brother of Thor will have a great part to play in ‘Thor 5’.

Some Spoilers for Thor 5
PIC credits: Marvel

Fans wish to know more about ‘Thor 5’

With the announcement for the fifth ‘Thor’ movie; fans are wishing to know more about it. A fan wrote-

‘Wait Valhalla so will Jane have a cameo as well ’cause she made it.’ Another fan wrote, ‘I want this movie to be good hope it’s true recast Hercules tho.’ A fan commented, ‘We’ll be watching.’ Another fan wrote,’ That’s where you slipped up with Balder the Brave and Valhalla. That’s not what’s happening. It’s taking place right after Avengers 5 and it’s ab Thor and his adoptive daughter.’

Are you ready fans for another ‘Thor’ adventure? Brace yourselves as the god of thunder is about to meet his match.

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