Young Royals Season 3 Review: More Drama and More Love for the Fans

The first 5 episodes of Young Royals Season 3 have officially dropped on Netflix, and the last episode is only a week away, it is full of drama and everything you might have expected. For those of you who like teen drama, young love, and exploration of one’s sexuality, but haven’t watched Netflix’s Young Royals just yet, you are truly missing out.

This series is a perfect mix of showcasing the difference in class, while also paying attention to young kids who are trying to figure their life out amidst a whole lot of drama, love, friendships, and more.

Young Royals season 3, much like the previous seasons, focuses on the story between Wilhelm and Simon, played by Edvin Ryding and Omar Rudberg, however, things might be a little different this time. Keep reading our review of Young Royals season 3, and whether we think you should stream it or skip it.

Caught in a Bad Romance

It would be unfair to say that Young Royals season 3 is all about the romance between Wilhelm and Simon, however, that does play a very important role and is the recurring plotline throughout the 5 episodes.

Albeit, there is plenty more to look forward to when it comes to this teen drama, and no matter what age you are, you might just relate to the characters and themes presented in this season of Young Royals.

Caught in a Bad Romance

When it comes to comparing Young Royals season 3 with the previous seasons, things aren’t too different, yet in some ways, it stands out. The drama in the most recent season has been taken up a few notches higher, and that was bound to happen keeping in mind how the previous season ended.

Young Royals season 3 episode 1 picks up shortly after, and keeps up a similar pace for all 5 episodes in the season. While this might not be the best thing all the time, it will certainly help the viewers keep up with the season a little more smoothly.

Simon might just be everyone’s favorite character from Young Royals season 3, especially from the core cast, and fans might notice a shift in Wilhelm’s personality, which takes a darker turn, which might make or break it in the finale episode of the season, especially when it comes to his relationship with Simon.

Young Royals season 3

There is something for everyone in Young Royals season 3, whether it’s the laughter, or the friendships, and especially the teen drama, which is ultimately what the series is all about.

Nevertheless, this season has paid special attention to the class difference when it comes to the royals and the working class, which has been explored once again through Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship, and their worlds.

Young Royals season 3 might not be everyone’s favorite season, but it certainly is up there as it continues to entertain and deliver. The last episode of the season is yet to be released, and while fans wait and speculate, one thing is for sure, Wilhelm and Simon’s relationship is at the center of it all. The last episode of the season will be released on March 18, exclusively on Netflix.


If you have been an avid Young Royals fan, chances are that you have already tuned into the series and begun the binge. Do let us know in the comments your thoughts about the same, and where you believe Wilehlm and Simon’s relationship is headed.

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