Death and Other Details Ending Explained: Imogene and Friends Find Viktor Sams To Be…

It must have been a slow start for Hulu’s ‘Death and Other Details’ but the ending got us into an element of surprise. As the last two episodes of the detective crime series were released yesterday, the climax got fans gripped into an unexpected twist.

The mystery of Viktor Sams made viewers curious to know, who is trying to kill the Colliers and the guests of Varuna.

Death and Other Details Ending Explained
PIC Credits: Death and Other Details, Hulu

The anti-climatic ending totally blew away the viewers: Death and Other Details Ending Explained

As we know, towards the end of episode 8, the Colliors have nothing in their way. No money, no business, nothing. The entire boat is now under the control of Viktor Sams and his/her workers. The next episode shows the men of Viktor Sams take over the ship and all are kept hostage. Teddy, Leila, Sunil, and Imogene are trying to find out who is Viktor Sam now.

Rufus, the priest’s kid, and the workers on the ship are sent off on a ferry off the ship. The men have put up a bomb on the highly hi-tech ship. All the big people are given a condition to save their lives.

They are asked to get the bigger bid on 9 seats in the helicopter. Everybody is trying to give away the assets they own. Anna and Tripp are trying to make it to at least 3 seats in the helicopter.

The anti-climatic ending totally blew away the viewers: Death and Other Details Ending Explained
PIC Credits: Death and Other Details, Hulu

Anna is totally out of her senses and she doesn’t care if she dies. All are worried about what will happen next. In the meantime, Imogene steals the copy of Keith where he had decoded the one passenger who was not on the guest list. As Imogene is unable to make out who that one person is; she takes the priest’s son’s phone who vlogs now and then.

She sees that one person who was already on the boat was none other than- Interpol officer Hilde Eriksen and also Imogene’s mom. Imogene is devasted to see that her mother is alive. She tells her the whole truth about what had happened and why she did so.

Imogene’s Mother was Indeed Viktor Sams

As Imogene’s mom says her sole purpose was to make Colliers realize their mistake. She made her understand how difficult it was to be all alone in this. After 6 months, Imogene and her mother got together and were vacationing in a hilly resort.

Her mother is still operating as Viktor Sams but this time she has been caught. Rufus Imogne and her friends get her and cease their operations.

On the other hand, Anna is called by Elair and her team. She got saved from her mother’s murder. What next will happen in ‘Death and Other Details‘ is worth waiting for.

Imogene's Mother was Indeed Viktor Sams
PIC Credits: Death and Other Details, Hulu

The series surely got us hooked to the end to find the mystery of Viktor Sams. As the now the person is out in the open, fans are hoping to know what next is about to unfold. To give an honest review, it is worth to watch. A solid 4 out of 5 stars to the series.

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