The Impossible Heir Episode 3 Review: Allies Transforming into Blood-Sucking Leeches!

Another episode of ‘The Impossible Heir‘ has been dropped. As the two friends Taeho and Inha are in the same company are all set to hollow the roots of Kangoh Group but this is not it.

The illegitimate son taking over what is his story segment is perfectly understandable but the legitimate ones are also not keeping quiet. Everybody is trying to conquer what is there.

The Impossible Heir Episode 3 Review
PIC credits- The Impossible Heir, Disney+

Kangoh Group believes in Divide and Conquer or is it?: The Impossible Heir Episode 3

As the episode 3 begins, both Taeoh and Inha are present at the 5th Anniversary of Kangoh Group. The chairman Kang Jung-mo gives a dynamic speech but the words are of Taeoh. Inha and Taeho are carefully supervising every detail of the Kangoh group. The assets, the divisional sector, legal everything is now closely monitored by these bad boys.

On one side Na Hye-won is also involved in the game with them and the legal heirs of Kangoh are also trying to manipulate their ways through tricks. The eldest thinks his chances to take over are more (owing the Kangoh Resorts), and the second son Kang Seong-ju, who owns the legal office of the group, has started to dig out the secrets in the old files of the group.

Kangoh Group believes in Divide and Conquer or is it?: The Impossible Heir Episode 3
PIC credits- Disney+

He makes the politician win the elections and starts to manipulate the deal of his father outside Korea (remember that Milton deals in episode 1). He confines the trusted member of his father’s team(also the legal team of the group) to bring out the hidden secrets in exchange for his own company.

Inha and Hye-won have started to show some love (since we are confused with Taeho’s rejection of her). Inha proposes to her and this time she says yes!!

What viewers must be delighted to see is, all that Kang Seong-ju is trying to deal with and grip the center of power operation is under Taeho’s surveillance. Working as the chairman’s secretary, he shows what the son is up to and his old companion.

Kang Jung-mo immediately takes all his operations and sends him off to take care of the security group of the Kangoh. Everything is going as planned Inha is acting naive, Taeho is simply serving his bosses’s needs and nobody even gets a hint.

Kang Seong-ju
PIC credits-The Impossible Heir, Disney+

As episode 3 of ‘The Impossible Heir’ ends, another twist leaves fans in shock. The Chairman may rest in peace(a bluff). Inha once again brings out another card into the game. You wanna know what it is? Stay tuned for episode 4.

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