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Gabenotbabe Age, Net Worth, Career and Everything We Know

Gabenotbabe was the artist name of Gabriel Salazar. He was a renowned TikTok personality hailing from the United States and was born on January 12, 2002.

In his pursuit of advancing his career in acting, he actively participated in auditions. Recognised for his exceptional acting skills, Gabriel Salazar not only made a mark in the field of acting but also gained prominence as a social media influencer.


Tragically, Gabriel Salazar’s career met an abrupt end due to an untimely demise in a fatal car accident in September 2021. The incident unfolded as he was reportedly behind the wheel, being pursued by the police in the vicinity of the US–Mexico border.

The devastating crash resulted in both his and his three passengers’ fatalities as the vehicle ignited upon impact. Wondering what his age and net worth were when he died? Let’s get to know more about Gabenotbabe!

Gabenotbabe: What Was His Age?

Gabriel originated from a Christian household in Brownsville, Texas, United States. Possessing American nationality, he firmly adhered to the Christian faith. His astrological sign was Capricorn. He was just 19 years old when he died in a car accident, along with three others.

Gabenotbabe: What Was His Age?

On the night of the tragic incident, Gabriel’s vehicle veered off the road. Despite attempts to correct its course, it crossed the highway and plunged into a ditch where it collided with trees, subsequently rolling multiple times and igniting in flames.
Gabriel Salazar’s substantial presence on social media platforms, particularly TikTok and Instagram, sparked an outpouring of grief from his fans.

Gabenotbabe: Career and Net Worth

Gabriel rose to prominence in the realm of social media through his TikTok account, gabenotbabe. Despite joining TikTok in 2019, one of his earliest posts on the platform dates back to February 2020. In March of the same year, he expanded his online presence to Instagram, adopting the handle gabenotbabee.

Gabenotbabe: Career and Net Worth

Throughout his journey, he achieved significant recognition for his comedy skits, sketches, and lip-sync performances. One of his videos garnered over 100,000 views. By mid-2021, his TikTok account boasted almost 1.5 million followers and accumulated over 66 million likes. He also had a YouTube channel named the same as his artist name and was quite popular there. The net worth of Gabriel amounted to $1 million.

Personal Life

As far as our knowledge goes, the famous TikToker attended Wagner High School in Brownsville, Texas, United States. Subsequently, he enrolled in a local private university in San Antonio, Texas, United States. As far as his family goes, the TikToker’s father is a businessman and his mother, is a housewife.

He is survived by his parents and two siblings, one sister and a brother. His love life was not that talked about since he kept his personal life under wraps.


Gabriel Salazar, widely known as Gabenotbabe, left an indelible mark on the social media landscape with his vibrant presence and creative content. He demonstrated exceptional acting skills, earning recognition not only in the entertainment industry but also as a prominent social media influencer.

Despite the challenges of his final moments, Gabriel’s impact on the digital world remains etched in the memories of those who followed his journey. Gabenotbabe’s untimely demise brought an outpouring of grief from his dedicated fan base on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

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His rise to fame through gabenotbabe showcased his versatility in comedy skits, sketches, and lip-sync performances. Beyond the screens, Gabriel’s personal life was characterized by a low-key approach, maintaining privacy about his relationships.

He left behind a legacy that resonates with the genuine connections he formed with his audience and the artistic contributions that made him a beloved figure in the digital world.

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