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Melissa Gilbert Net Worth

Melissa Gilbert Net Worth in 2024, Personal Life and Everything We Know

Melissa Gilbert is a well-known American actress, producer, and director who was born in Los Angeles, California, on May 8, 1964. She gained fame for playing Laura Ingalls Wilder in the critically acclaimed television series “Little House on the Prairie.”

Hailing from a family deeply rooted in the entertainment industry, Gilbert’s mother, Barbara Crane, made her mark as an actress, while her adoptive father, Paul Gilbert, carved a niche for himself as a comedian and actor.

Melissa Gilbert Net Worth

Under Paul’s guardianship, Melissa adopted the surname Gilbert, marking a significant point in her familial and professional identity. Before diving into the net worth of Melissa Gilbert, let’s have a look at her personal and professional life first.

Melissa Gilbert’s Acting Career

Melissa made her television debut in a commercial at the age of two, kickstarting her acting career at an early age. When she was chosen to play Laura Ingalls in “Little House on the Prairie,” which was based on the autobiographical book series by Laura Ingalls Wilder, she made her big break in 1974. The programme, which ran from 1974 until 1983, was a huge hit and made Melissa a household name.

Melissa Gilbert’s Acting Career

Melissa Gilbert has played a number of roles in films and television shows over her career. She has demonstrated her range as an actress and received praise from critics for her work. Gilbert has acted, produced, and directed films in addition to her acting career.

One of her notable performances outside of “Little House on the Prairie” was her portrayal of Helen Keller in the television film “The Miracle Worker” (1979). She was nominated for a Primetime Emmy for this role. In the 1980s and 1990s, Gilbert kept advancing her career by making appearances in stage plays, television programmes, and movies.

Other Ventures

Melissa Gilbert has pursued acting professionally and has worked in a variety of entertainment-related roles. From 2001 to 2005, she presided over the Screen Actors Guild (SAG), fighting for the rights of other performers. She gained recognition both on and off screen for her dedication to the business and her peers.

Melissa Gilbert announced her candidature for the US House of Representatives in the summer of 2015, vying for a seat in Michigan’s 8th congressional district. She ended her campaign in the spring of 2016, despite winning the primary and becoming the presumed Democratic nominee for the seat.

Gilbert identified health concerns as the main explanation for why she had put her political ambitions on hold at the time. Gilbert cited health issues as the primary reason for suspending her political aspirations at that time.

Other Ventures

Melissa Gilbert has received recognition for her charitable work in addition to her career. She has participated in a number of philanthropic endeavours, promoting subjects including children’s health and animal welfare. She goes above and beyond the spotlight in her commitment to having a positive influence.

Melissa Gilbert has embraced her writing in recent years, among other elements of her work. Among the publications she has written is her memoir “Prairie Tale: A Memoir,” which was released in 2009. She opens up about her experiences in the entertainment business as well as her personal life in the book.

Melissa Gilbert Net Worth In 2024

Melissa Gilbert is thought to be valued at around $500,000. However, her financial journey has seen its share of challenges. In June 2015, it came to light that Gilbert had a reported tax debt of $360,000 in federal income taxes.

To address this issue, she reportedly entered into a payment plan with the IRS, marking her second encounter with tax-related challenges. In 2013, Gilbert was said to owe $112,000 in a similar situation.

Melissa Gilbert Net Worth In 2024

In 2014, there was a notable real estate move in Gilbert’s financial portfolio. She listed her Tarzana home in Los Angeles for $1.195 million, indicating a shift in her property holdings.

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Personal Life

Melissa Gilbert’s romantic journey has been marked by several significant relationships. In the 1980s, she was engaged to actor Rob Lowe; however, the engagement was eventually called off. After that, Gilbert started dating actor Bo Brinkman, whom she eventually married in 1988. Dakota, their son, was born, but after that, the couple parted ways and divorced in 1992.

Shortly after the end of her marriage to Brinkman, Gilbert’s path crossed with actor and author Bruce Boxleitner. Interestingly, the introduction was facilitated by Boxleitner’s former wife. Notably, Boxleitner and Gilbert first crossed paths on “Battle of the Network Stars” when Gilbert was a youngster.

Despite two engagements that did not culminate in marriage, Gilbert and Boxleitner eventually tied the knot in 1995. Michael was their only child, and they eventually divorced in 2011.

Personal Life

In 2013, Melissa Gilbert found love once again and exchanged vows with actor Timothy Busfield. This current marriage marks a more recent chapter in Gilbert’s personal life, adding to the tapestry of her experiences in love and relationships.


Melissa Gilbert remains a prominent figure with a legacy that spans decades. Her contributions to the entertainment industry, advocacy for actors’ rights, and resilience in the face of personal challenges have solidified her place in Hollywood history. Even though her wealth has fluctuated, her continued public presence is proof of her career’s long-lasting influence.

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