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Gerard Butler set to play Stoick in DreamWorks's 'How To Train Your Dragon' live-action

Gerard Butler set to play Stoick in DreamWorks’s ‘How To Train Your Dragon’ live-action

Gerard Butler is about to be part of DreamWork’s live-action.

If you have ever loved DreamWorks ‘How to Train your Dragon’, this news might be a joy. The popular animation from DreamWorks is about to be made into a live-action movie. The movie is set to bring many actors on board but one actor who has been finalised for the role is Olympus has fallen actor, Gerard Butler.

Stoick’s voice actor Gerard Butler to play the character in Live-Action

How to Train Your Dragon live-action has been in books for longer, but the official news for a full-length feature is finally here. The actor who earlier voiced Hiccup’s father and the biking chief Stoick was none other than Gerard Butler. The actor’s voice perfectly suited the character so, the makers decided to cast him in the live action.

As per the sources of Deadline, Butler has been roped up for the movie and the rest of the cast for Astrid and Hiccup is yet to be decided. The animation movie grossed up to 1.6 billion and when the movie comes out it will be another box-office smasher.

Stoick's voice actor Gerard Butler to play the character in Live-Action
PIC credits: Dreamworks

Will the voice actors also be cast in the Live-Action?

According to the sources, Universal Pictures opted to have different actors for the live-action. The voices of Hiccup and Astrid were done by young artists who are now adults. The cast for other actors has been carefully kept under wraps. The movie is set to release on June 13, 2025.

The special effects with dragons and the village, Berk that are known for hunting dragons will be a highlight to see.

Apart from this Gerard Butler has done some heavy work in 300, Olympus Has Fallen, and many others. With his heavy voice, the makers were tempted to cast him in the movie. With the announcement, there are chances that the live-action might have sequels just like the animation one.

Will the voice actors also be cast in the Live-Action?
PIC credits: Dreamworks

Talking about the DreamWorks movie, How to Train Your Dragon talks about the beautiful friendship of Toothless (Night Fury) and the Viking chief’s son Hiccup, who saves the dragon and later changes the mindset of his people. The movie has 3 installments after the first was a rager. This also has a cartoon series of the same name. Brace yourselves for its Dragon and Vikings’ ultimate bond.

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