The Impossible Heir Episode 4 Review: Kang Inha Gets the Lead to Kangoh Group

Episode 4 of ‘The Impossible Heir’, Thrill as the title says, should change to Victory!! The recent episode of the K-drama has yet again blown our minds with an anticipated twist. Inha and Taeoh have successfully got their first plan, entering the Kangoh Group with dignity and pride.

The Impossible Heir Episode 4
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Taeoh has entered Chairman Kang Jung-mo’s mind and let the games begin: The Impossible Heir Episode 4

As we saw in episode 3, the next episode began, with the chairman left to die in his office. Taeoh reaches into the room and calls an emergency service for him. All the members are sick-worried and now are worried that the legacy of the group is in limbo. The heir to the Group of Companies is yet to be elected. The eldest and the step-family all are worried but the matriarch(step) of Kangoh doesn’t show remorse.

She acts like she is worried but in episode 3 she leaves him to die. Inha gets the news of his father’s sudden health condition and is in shock. The twist in the tale comes when the chairman bluffs about his health and catches Jang Geum-seok in her own game. The raid in the office was also a mirage created by him and Taeoh. Kang In-joo calls Taeho to work for him. He offers him all sorts of luxuries but he refuses.

Taeoh has entered Chairman Kang Jung-mo's mind and let the games begin: The Impossible Heir Episode 4
PIC credits-The Impossible Heir, Disney+

On the other hand, Inha is sick-worried about his father and warns Taeho to not use him for his sole purpose. Taeoh reassures him that his only motive is to see him sitting in the chair of the Kangoh group. Thinking that the chairman is almost dead, Jang Geum-seok takes over the company temporarily and makes her son Kang Seong-ju the elected chairman of the Kangoh group.

Before even celebrating their victory, a nightmare gives Kang Seong-ju and his mother a taste of their medicine. Someone hacks into the company’s system and messes up with their share prices which leads them to incur a huge loss in the stock market.

Going as per plan, Taeoh suggests to chairman Kang In-joo that he must now bring Inha into the picture. he questions Taeho’s belief and he recalls his next move to bring Inha to get people and his investors to show that his long-lost son is the true heir of the Kanog Group. He calls Inha to meet him.

Kang Seong-ju
PIC credits-The Impossible Heir, Disney+

Na Hye-won calls Taeoh and tells him that Inha is missing. He finds Inha on a beach where he is staring at the sea. He remembers the trauma of his childhood where his mother died and he stood there seeing his mother’s blood on his feet. Taeho understands that he is worried about his father. Taeho gets punched by Inha after he says that they bluffed to get the mother-son duo out of the race of the Kangoh group.

Inha warns him that if he ever conceals any secrets from him he will kill him. Taeoh tells him that the chairman wants to meet him. After the share price of Kangoh questioned Kang Seong-ju and his mother who made a careless mistake. The chairman makes a grand entry and promises In-joo that his revenge will be sweet and spicy. Inha is invited to his house after many years.

PIC credits-The Impossible Heir, Disney+

The on-and-off love story of Taeho and Kang Hee-Joo is quite interesting. A stoic person and a pretty girl, a great combination. After Taeho rejected Hye-won for his buddy Inha, fans must be hoping at least he should have lady luck by his side. What do you think, peeps?

Taeho and Kang Hee-Joo
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The Impossible Heir Episode 5: Preview

Episode 4 ends on a great note, where Inha is brought into the office as the Chairman’s son. In the upcoming episode, the game is about to take an escalation with both Inha and Taeho initiating their next move.

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